My chickpeas bring all the weird brown spots to the yard
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Another "can I eat this": I just put these chickpeas out to soak but there are weird brown spots on 90% of them. Are these edible? (No bugs or weird smells. The bag does say it expires in October 2020. The bag sat in my car for a few weeks.)
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Best answer: I would not think twice about such blemishes. I would cook.
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Best answer: Yep, totally normal.
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Best answer: the darker discolorations dont seem to be randomly placed but concentrated around the seam/pointy spot that would sprout if you werent eating them, so I'd be inclined to eat them without worry and do not think its likely a short stay in your car adulterated them.

not a food scientist, just avid bean cook.
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Best answer: I'm sure there are many plant varieties with specific attributes. It's just the way they grew, enjoy them.
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Best answer: I have in fact eaten chickpeas with identical spots and not died. They cooked a little grainy, but that's most likely just me and my inability to cook a consistent pot of beans.
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