Recommendations for non-European fashion history and textiles?
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I am looking for books, videos, illustrations, etc. Lots of pictures are a plus and it does not need to be in English.
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MOMA did an Abecedarium* to tie in with its Is Fashion Modern? exhibition, which included some non-European fashion items - cheongsam, keffiyeh, Syrian lingerie. (if you click on Show More on the YT page, it gives you the full A-Z list with timestamped links).

*I had to look it up myself: Turns out it's a fancy word for an A-Z, a different speaker gave a presentation for a different fashion item for every letter.

There's also a free Coursera MOOC called Fashion as Design from MOMA which went with the exhibition, it's pretty American/European, but you might be able to cherry pick a few pieces from it - you can see the syllabus here. Week 2 has some teaching material on the sari, week six on the hijab, veil and kippah, week seven on the dashiki and kente cloth.

This one is for kids and is partly a sketchbook so might be too basic for what you're after, not sure how much detail it goes into, but: African Fashion Design Sketchbook, by Mara Menzies, a Scottish Kenyan storyteller.
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