Name this artist for a friend?
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Ok, long shot here but the specs are:

My friend is trying to think of a (likely) electronica artist, the points given are:

- does audience participation
- did a song with like 2 hours of 60hz hum
- album cover might have had a tent on it
- 2008ish
- electronica, I think
- lots of callbacks to childhood
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Dan Deacon?

Definitely did a lot of audience participation at the shows I went to around that time!
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rabbitbookworm: apparently you are correct, and apparently my friend has me confused with someone else as I have never even heard of Dan Deacon.

Metafilter: it just works.
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Love it! Now I'm flashing back to competing in a dance off in the middle of one of his shows a decade ago at a little liberal arts college in Portland. So thank your friend for that Monday boost!
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