Ack! Lost recipe!
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Recently (~ within the last month or two) I saw a recipe I wanted to try that involved marinating halved(? I think?) cherry tomatoes with olive oil, fresh basil leaves, and probably garlic, before serving over vermicelli. It seems like the instructions were to marinate for 2-4 hours, because I remember thinking I'd need to do that early enough to have it ready for supper. Somehow I managed not to save the recipe, and my browser history isn't showing me what I'm looking for.

Google has a ton of marinated cherry tomatoes recipes, but I'm not finding this particular one for some reason. The way I came upon the recipe was via Google news, which had it in the "For you (Recommended based on your interests)" section, so I guess google thinks I will like it. I do, too, but I lost the page! Does this ring a bell for anyone?

(It's a simple enough recipe that I could just wing it, but I'd really like to see the original instructions)
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Ina Garen's Summer Garden pasta
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That's the one!!! Thank you, Ftsqg!
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