I want to replace this spoon
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I've been using this wooden spoon to stir coffee in my french press. After years of service, it split and broke. While I have glued it back together I would like to find a replacement.

I believe the spoon is part of a Pampered Chef set of wooden kitchen implements, but I'm not 100% sure. It was part of a set that we got through my wife's family, though not directly from a Pampered Chef event. It's about 10 inches long, light weight, and perfect for stirring coffee.

Google searches have not turned up anything on ebay or via other sources. Any assistance is appreciated
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How similar does it have to be? Is the hole a necessity or a nicety? It looks like a nice spoon, but a wooden chopstick does the job just fine too in my experience.
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Response by poster: good questions! I like the hole in the spoon, so as similar as possible.
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Best answer: Search for a risotto spoon - that will get you what you want from a ton of sources.
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There might probably be a woodturner or woodcarver at a craft fair or art fair near you who will make one to order. I've even seen spooncarvers -- specializing in varying shapes and sizes and configurations of wooden spoons. (I guess Covid has put a damper on crafts fairs, but there are other ways to track down artisans.)
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Following from ardgedee's suggestion, the place to search for custom woodworkers these days might be Etsy.
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Best answer: This one is only slightly longer and the same shape.
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Another one called a tasting spoon/risotto spoon.
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FWIW, there also exist tiny whisks (example) that you can use for this purpose. I use one of those when I make pour-over. And as a bonus, they're incredibly cute.
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