Where can I find canning jars in King County?
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There is a dearth of canning jars in Seattle and I need help finding them!

I was unexpectedly gifted ten pounds of concord grapes! Yay! However, since I had thought my canning season was over, I am out of 8 oz canning jars and they are nowhere to be found in the stores that I have checked. If anyone has seen them (actually laid eyes on them recently) in the Seattle area, please let me know. Thanks!
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I had the same problem here -- it's okay to freeze them, order the jars off Amazon, and do the canning when they arrive.

It has been a really weird year for canning supplies.
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I'm having the same problem - filled all of mine with blueberry jam, then other things ripened. I checked everywhere in SW Seattle to no avail and finally, reluctantly, Amazoned them. Until they come, my freezer is full of crabapples and Roma tomatoes.
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Yep the shortage is bad. I found a couple dozen pints by scanning the local classified ads for estate sales.
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I have extra. Memail me.
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Try Goodwill, it’s where we always buy ours (at about 25 cents each).
If there’s a Winco near you, try them as well - I understand they are better about restocking canning supplies than other retailers.
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I am sure I've seen tons at the Maple Leaf Ace Hardware.
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Check Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Call hardware stores, grocery coops, organic and health-food stores. Put up a want ad on Craigslist if no luck otherwise.
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OK, this may be totally unhelpful because I'm in NYC, but 1) it's remarkably hard to find canning jars here under normal circumstances and 2) was basically impossible to find them during quarantine ... until I discovered that my HARDWARE STORE carries them! Worth a shot if you haven't tried there.

(Uh ... just realized brookeb has the same answer, but more relevant/specific. So seconding that I guess.)
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I'm still finding them at grocery and hardware stores (especially smaller ones) in Los Angeles, but another place to check that might be underappreciated would be craft stores - JoAnn, Michael's, etc.
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"Farm & Ranch" type stores almost always have them... you may have to go to a suburb.
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Met Market usually have Weck canning jars in their kitchen section.

These use a reusable rubber O-ring and metal clips to seal the jar and glass lid, as opposed to the disposable wax lids of Ball jars, and so the Wecks cost slightly more money per jar.

An 8 oz Ball jar would be roughly equivalent to a Weck 1/4L (example | example).

If one is close to you, maybe give MM a call first, to ask what jars they have in stock (if anything).
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I have also seen Ball jars hidden away in odd corners at the QFC and Fred Meyers local to me. But I haven't looked recently. I prefer the look and reusability of the Weck, so I go for those when I am looking for new jars.
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On the opposite coast, some are available at lowes and at some farm stores. Individual lids are nowhere....
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North Mountain Supply carries them, and actually have stock.
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Yakima Fruit Market in Kenmore/Bothell had them recently - worth a call. I ordered some earlier this year from this place since I couldn't find the size I needed anywhere. I'd be inclined to check some farm/garden places a bit further north, but even in smaller places they've been hard to come by lately.
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Response by poster: I was gifted half pint jars by a generous neighbor after posting a cry for help on our community Facebook page, and thankfully already had lots of lids and rings at home. I did go off to search for pint jars, and found them hidden in the corner of the bulk section of the brand new PCC in Bellevue.

Thanks for all of the suggestions!
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