Loose women's pants for cooler weather
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Since work from home started, I have been living in loose cropped linen pants like these or these. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I'd like something similar in a warmer fabric (like sweatpant fabric).

I have a bunch of joggers but I'd like something with a wide cropped leg (or full length but wide) similar to the linen pants. I notice Old Nav y has these, should I be searching on the term "wide leg sweatpants"? Size XL, ordering from the US. No non-stretchy waistbands please!
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I would also look for Ponte di Roma (a heavier knit fabric) wide-legged or palazzo pants. Like these, though that is not a recommendation for that item specifically.
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how wide do you want them? this wide?

Woman within is another vendor that has a lot of this sort of thing, for example.

Useful search terms are "culottes", "cropped fleece wide", etc.
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I have exactly these, from the gap. They are magical, wide leg elasticated waist pants in a sweatpants-like knit and I bought four pairs on sale in XL. Unfortunately, I think that was because they were end of season. It would 100% be worth trawling Ebay to see if you can find any.
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These from Hanes look as if they'd fit the brief.
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I just ordered these from Lands End, but they may not have wide enough legs for you. They’re backordered, so I haven’t gotten them yet. I was trying to avoid elasticized cuffs.
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Response by poster: Jan, that item was not in stock but it gave me lots of other good search terms such as “open leg sweatpants” or “open bottom fleece pants”. They do not need to be super wide, just with a non-elasticized ankle.
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I've been living in Uniqlo's ultra stretch lounge pants while working at home for most of the last few months. They are super stretchy and comfy and come in a few different styles, some of which have a non-elasticized ankle. Here are a couple options (I don't know why these are on different pages as they seem like the same pants):
Pants 1
Pants 2
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Have a look direct on Hanes website. Some colours are available in XL.

And there's these at Target.
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lands end sportknits
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I'd also suggest Cuddl Duds. Friends in the States swear by them, for comfort, wear and keeping their shape.
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LL Bean—pockets, not tight, decent colors, comfy but don’t look like pajamas.
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These from Old Navy are a-ma-zing. They're more of a jersey fabric than what I would consider a French terry (the black ones, anyway, I don't have the gray pair yet) but they are perfect. They've even got useful pockets! I was just searching for them tonight online to try to see if they were still available to find a second pair.
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I've had much better luck finding pants in that style in the men's section, if that's something you're open to. I got some from old navy recently that were exactly what you describe and they're great (they just called them "regular sweatpants for men" as opposed to the tight ankle joggers).
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