cat I eat it?
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New cat owner question. She's the kind of beautiful lithe cat who flies through the air with the greatest of ease. And then lands on things such as my food.

Fresh bread from the local bakery sitting on my counter . Heard a THUMPCRASH and there is curious kitty, having knocked down everything else and using the bread as a combination trampolline and salt lick.
I know about poop milkshakes but what about kitty litter paw bread?
Can I eat my bread?
Good thing they're so entertaining...
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I'd eat it. Lol.
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I'll eat it. It's a cat feature.
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Don't eat it if it bothers you, but it's not dangerous. That's what stomach acid is for.
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My cat sticks her furry face into my water glass whenever she thinks I'm not looking. She tracks litter on all my furniture, including the pillow into which I stick my face every night. She uses her litterbox-scratching paw to push my mouth away when I try to kiss her little head. She's 18 years old and we've been together since she was barely grown, so who knows how many pounds of cat hair, saliva, litter particles, etc. I've ingested over that amount of time. Welcome to the club, eat the bread, it'll be fine, probably.

Unless you happen to be pregnant, in which case you're supposed to stay away from cat litter. I'd ditch the bread in that case to be extra cautious.
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I once ate a hot cross bun that my cat had licked. I felt gross for doing it, but it was a good hot cross bun.
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My cat licked my eggs and bacon last night. I ate them. I'd eat cat foot bread too. lol
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Very difficult to say without a picture of the cat in question.
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oldergreycatbailard drinks from my water mug if I don't manage to stop her, and I tend to get a fresh mug when that happens.

youngerorangecatbailard will aggressively rip chunks off of wifebailard's pita bread and she's fine with it.
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Thanks everyone! Sorry can't upload pics with my limited phone. The bread was delicious.
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The bread was extra delicious because it was seasoned with kitty love!
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My cat licks the pumpkin pie and we have to scoop out the licked bits. What a jerk.
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My cat once put his paw into my plate of spaghetti. I am still alive.
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Cats love yeast. I bet that's why she jumped your loaf. When I was in college, my roommates had two cats that would open the cabinet and run away with a bag of nutritional yeast as fast as you could put it on the shelf. They would then chew a hole in the bag and string it all over the living room and lie of their bellies like two stoned hippies. It was hilarious.
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You could always toast it, just to be sure.

Cats certainly do love yeast - I used to take a brewer's yeast vitamin supplement, and if I accidentally dropped one of the pills on the floor it would be an undignified scramble between me and the two cats to get to it. I usually lost.
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They sure do. I had to invent a pin lock for our bread bin after Little Cat A and Little Cat B worked out how to operate the door. I am no longer in the position of having to use up more bread than is good for me because nobody else in the house will touch a loaf with a big hole in the bag and six or seven slices half gone.
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Unless I actually observe my cats using the litter box or licking their... hind parts (so to speak) and then licking my food or drink within some short period of time, I have decided to just not worry about it and eat the food or drink the drink.

It's not particularly rational, but it has been working fine for years.
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