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I am looking for wildlife documentaries that would delight a 6 year old and a 9 year old. We have netflix and prime. No US- or UK-TV.
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This is brand-new on Netflix and I've heard good things about it. My Octopus Teacher.
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I LOVED Absurd Planet on Netflix. Maybe I'm a huge kid at heart. It's cute and funny and I think kids would love it, but it's also full of interesting information about animal behavior. "Mother Nature" narrates it and they have silly songs throughout.
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Netflix has a bunch of more "short attention span" documentaries that might work for your family depending on their interest levels. I think I started with 72 Cutest Animals. It really might be for younger kids though. Depending on how they can deal with "cycle of life" kinds of things there's also the Netflix Tiny Creatures series. You can see a preview for that here. Prime has Mini Monsters aka Hidden Kingdoms (was Hidden Kingdoms in the UK, now re-released) and I can highly recommend Secret Forests which is about wily chipmunks. It's long and really pretty interesting, great photography.
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