Online instructions for basics of Graphic Design
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I'm looking for videos and tutorials on graphic design, excluding the use of computer programs. Just the principles and concepts. Something very current, last five years would be great.

Not looking for how to use Photoshop, but more how to design a website or logo. Paid lessons are fine if it's really high quality. Something that leads into advanced lessons and isn't just a 10 minute recap of sketching out a wireframe.

Please do not just link me to, but if you've watched videos on Lynda you recommend I'm interested in those.
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I'm not a designer, but have sought similar information.

If to lead into advanced lessons, how about looking at design offerings at Coursera or Udemy if not

I completed this summer because was offering their courses free thanks to COVID. I liked it: It ran through basic design concepts.
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Plus for Udemy. Also have a look at these.

(full disclosure: my partner created and tutors the graphic design course)
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Best answer: I am a huge fan of John McWade. He's currently teaching on the platform. He explains graphic design principles and concepts. using real-world examples. He has helped me be a better designer. His current courses are here. You may be able to access these free through your library. If not, you can get a free month from

For a deeper dive, check out McWade's old blog. Here's one post discussing a logo for Verizon. The blog is more of a discussion of what makes design good, and when it's needed. The comments are also great. He's also got a book, but I haven't yet checked that out.
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