Affordable retail business wireless/IP camera options with remote/cloud?
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I'm looking for the current options for fairly affordable IP cameras for a retail business that offer network access and cloud storage options as well as open source DVR or controller options. I'm also interested in use friendly subscription based cloud DVR and dynamic DNS services. I'm also definitely interested in open source, free or cheap DVR controllers that have decent motion detection and alert options to email or SMS.
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I have been shocked with the quality and features of the Wyze camera line, about $30 per WiFi camera with motion detection, alerts, two way sound, etc. It does have a cloud option that we don't pay for but we get motion alerts from the app, and it plays the video. I think it keeps the videos for a few days.
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I am waiting on my Wyze Outdoor to arrive. But I can recommend the Reolink Argus. I have one (and the solar panel so I never have to charge the battery) and there is a free cloud level for saving videos. It has to be renewed monthly, but they notify you and it can be updated right in the app. I use mine for monitoring the garden -- and using the siren to scare off deer -- and I just delete all the other videos I don't want.
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I will second the Wyze cameras. Notifications are only through the app and you can just watch one camera at a time, but they just work compared to other camera and security DVR systems I’ve used.
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