Halloween Costume Ideas for Queer White Lady
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Queer white AFAB person with brown hair seeks Halloween costume inspiration for COVID-style Zoom party.

Y'ALL I am having a terrible time coming up with a Halloween costume this year. I normally plan way ahead and really get into the spirit but for obvious reasons, this year has been more challenging. But I won't let COVID win! I still want to dress up!

I usually go all out, and still want to do something awesome. Previous years have included Zoya the Destroya from Glow, Carol from Where the Wild Things Are, and the Babadook (see here for reference). Some relevant details:

+ As mentioned, I'm a white person with short brown hair in case that can be incorporated somehow; open to dressing up as any gender
+ I can sew, am so-so at makeup, and generally pretty crafty
+ I'm usually more into elaborate costumes that require some work vs a clever but simple pun-based costume
+ Could totally go scary, sexy, funny, clever, etc - but I want it to be impressive over video

Any ideas? Let's hear 'em!
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Edward Scissorhands!
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If you're using Zoom and can do the Virtual Backdrop, make a simple green screen, get a green zentai suit (the kind with a whole face cover) and wear a fun outfit.

You'll be invisible! I could see this working great with a fancy off the shoulder cocktail dress with short gloves or anything that would highlight the fact that you'll appear to be clothing moving around by itself.
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One of the costumes I'm considering is old-school Victorian-ish spiritualist, with wet gauze ectoplasm and a table for knocking and homemade spirit board. I mean, if we gotta Zoom then let's make use of the format to set a play-like scene, right?
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You are likely bound to find something on the Take Back Halloween site. Their thrust is more about "here's some costume ideas for women that aren't "sexy whatever", and so there's a lot of mythological figures, women from history, and the like; they also break down how and where to buy or make the elements in question. A good deal o them are pitched at people who can't sew, as well (I know you can - this is speaking to the comparative ease with which they try to make each costume be). I think the most complicated costume I saw last night involved spray-painting some horns gold and pasting a star on them, then attaching fringe to a stretch of blue cloth.
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I have been thinking that a fun costume this year would be to dress totally normally on top and keep a fun series of bottoms under my desk and then quickly change them each time I stand up and then sit back down again. There's always stories about news anchors not wearing pants under the desk, so my first thought was news anchor on top and then a series of odd things on the bottom.

You could dress as Rachel Maddow, perhaps? Black blazer and those black framed glasses? But then on the bottom, like, green volleyball shorts gives way to a red bathing suit (Maddow swam and played volleyball), fishing waders since she fishes, whatever else you can find out about Maddow that might be funny, and then just progressively move into weirder and wackier bottoms -- hammer pants, half a furry costume, green screen pants you can project things on, I don't know that else.

You'll have to constantly be finding reasons to get up and go do something so people can see both halves of you as you change over. You might also want to practice being somewhat subtle as you change. Choose a relatively solid chair without arms on it so you can more easily maneuver things on and off with just a little butt lifting.
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To riff off of ananci's suggestion about the greenscreen, could that be some kind of vampire-related costume? I wonder if some green facepaint might work with red lipstick to make a truly mirror-immune effect work.

If you are interested in an interesting costume from a recent media property, perhaps The Handler from The Umbrella Academy? Or one of the characters from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power? Less flashy/more brunette: Charlize Theron's character from The Old Guard? (Being of a similar description, I have my log ready for a log lady costume myself. My log has something to tell you.)
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