Help me find a durable ID badge holder
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I need a durable, rigid badge holder for an ID that is 3 7/8" x 2 5/8" and which can withstand getting pulled on a bit. Can you recommend one?

This ID is a little larger than credit card size and most of the heavy-duty holders I've found searching seem to be designed for credit card size.

The ID should hang vertically, but horizontal isn't a deal breaker.

The ID is my press badge and I sometimes find myself in the middle of jostling crowds (protests, press scrums, getting pushed by police...) so it needs to be able to handle getting tugged on by people and also other things hanging around my neck (my heavy cameras) so it should ideally be able to withstand some abuse. I'm tired of buying a new flimsy holder every couple of months.

Ideally it will hold the badge securely but be easy enough to open to add a temporary ID on the fly, and also have enough of a flat surface (either front or back) that I can put a sticker badge on it when needed, too.

I'm ok with wearing the badge on my equipment belt, too, but as frequently as I get in and out of cars or squat while working, I think that might get in the way. And in my experience, people looking for my press badge tend to look for something hanging around my neck first...

I only need one, but could likely get a few colleagues interested if I need to buy a batch of 10.

Any ideas?
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I would check out various waterproof / underwater phone pouches/cases. They are clear on the front, and built semi rugged, many are lanyard compatible. They come in various sizes, and are inexpensive.

They usually have something like a double ziplock + velcro seal which you wouldn't have to get sealed but does take some effort to open/close.

(I dont have a specific recommendation, there are dozens of options).
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Take a standard badge holder, reinforce the front and holes with packing tape, the edges and back with strapping tape, lanyards tend to last just fine.

Alternatively, look for a clear luggage tag.
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Try searching for passport holders; they will be larger and heftier than an ID badge holder. Here's one on Amazon.
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