Help me find the perfect placemats
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Looking for durable placements (possible vinyl?) that we can wash like dishes.

Eating off of placements works pretty well for us, but we've never had a set that does what we want and lasts long. It's essential that we can stick them under running water and scrub them with a soapy sponge to get them clean. That means they should be waterproof and stiff. So as beautiful as this Marimekko one is, it won't work because it has to wiped clean with a damp cloth to clean. Too fussy for us. Sorry

The most recent set we have are from Pantone. Here's an Amazon listing for one. They may not be sold anymore. After a lot of use they've started to warp, so we want to try something different anyway.
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I've got some like these (woven vinyl) that can be washed just as you describe. They're not super exciting, but I like the texture and you can find them at places like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, or Kohl's.
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We used a Magic Slice cutting mat as a placemat of this type for a long time until my then-toddler eventually broke it. But it was good for a pretty good scrubbing.
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We have these silicone ones. They are not stiff, so I'm not sure how much of a requirement that is? But they are great and infinitely cleanable.
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IKEA is a great place to look for fun, easy to wash placemats.
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I don't know if you've got kids, but these silicone ones have a lip to catch spills and are indestructible. We just throw them in the dishwasher when they get gunk stuck to them. They are not stiff but are super easy to clean in the sink with a scrub pad.
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My first thought was glass, but they don't seem easy to find. Something like this I guess. Slate placemats are pretty common over here, but they will be more prone to chipping and cracking, not super child friendly. I think cork-backed melamine will take a scrubbing, but not a soaking.
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I used to use a set of glass "cutting boards" as placemats. Dishwasher and sink-safe!
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Search for "chilewich placemats" - I got a set for my wedding (15 years ago) and they still look new. Lots of different vendors, including Amazon, but I believe mine were from Crate & Barrel back in the day.
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Watch out for the fake woven ones if they have holes in the “weave”. We had some of these and they were easy to wipe, but cereal milk seeped through and made a crusty lattice on the tabletop. I’ll try to see what we have now.
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The Chilewich placemats are appealing, but I guess I had the impression we needed to clean them carefully with a cloth instead of just using a sponge under running water. Is that wrong?
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I use a sponge and detergent under running water for my Chilewiches. They are the tight-woven vinyl kind in a rectangle shape.
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