Is this cat named Sebastian?
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Can you help name a black cat who loves to warble like a bird, head-butt, and burrow?

Cat tax — scroll down for tongue blep.
My fiancé and I adore the three-year-old black cat we adopted last week. He's a sleek, dignified cat who enjoys stretching out with us on the couch and ceremoniously bopping his head into ours. For this reason, we started calling him Bash and worked backward to the name Sebastian. But we don't feel quite sold on it! Other names we've considered are Bertram (Bertie), Bartholomew, Tybalt (prince of cats), Cricket, Webster, Vincent (for Vincent Price), and Orion. Can you help us brainstorm more names? Something long and old and maybe even eldritch would be perfect. Cute nicknames are a bonus. Thank you!
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That's Gustav.
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Corvus? Cosmo? Maurice? Sylvester?
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Yes, that’s Sebastian
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Well, if you're working backwards....Johann. Which gives "Yo" as a nickname.
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I like Bash/Bas/Sebastian a lot for him! You could always go for Bashir if you're a DS9 fan, though.
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oh yeah that’s a Sebastian all right
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Bourne-Again Shell
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I think he’s Sebastian.
In any case, he is gorgeous. Congratulations on your new family member!
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Are you an anime/manga fan? Because the name Sebastian and the color of the cat immediately made me think of Black Butler and its titular character, Sebastian Michaelis.
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Wyvern. Wyvvie or Vern for short!
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Sebastian! With a host of nicknames! My friend always called her little brother Sebby which I thought was so sweet. When he is contemplating nature in dignified repose, you can call him Bashō!
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That's a Sebastien.

Source: I am a domain expert in this matter.
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Sebastian, Sable, Sabian (a brand of cymbals! Which one can bash with sticks haha)... you could name him after a famous dark-haired viola player?
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He's definitely a Sebastian
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Oh yeah, he's a Sebastian! Not that the formal name matters so much, silly nicknames will overtake it before too long.

you know..."crashin' bashin' Sebastian," "bulldozer kitty," "The Mysterious Hermit of Cardboard Cave," etc etc etc
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Lord Sebastian "Slinky" Moriarty
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That's some high-quality blep, right there. And yes, Sebastian fits.
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A handsome guy like that is definitely Sebastian Horatio Buttsworth.
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I had a swimming buddy whose son Sebastian was known as -- phonetic spelling ahead -- Bahszhy. That's almost "Bashie."
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I like Sebastian! That was my second-choice name for the cat who eventually became known as Finn.
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If you did choose to name him Stygian, you could nickname him Stiggy Coaldust, which I would find irresistible.
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