Which iPad should I get?
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I will use my AirPad mostly for drawing with Procreate, but I am at a loss with so many options. Help!

So, I am going to get an iPad for drawing. My drawings are on the simple side, and I'll ever need to use more than 18 layers on Procreate. The features on the 2nd gen Apple Pencil sound cool but not essential I guess?

I could narrow my options down to this:

• Refurbished iPad Pro 12.9-inch 256 GB (2nd Gen) - $949.00 + Pencil 1st gen $130 (total 1,078)
• iPad Pro 11-inch 128 GB - $1,049.00 (2nd Gen) + Pencil 2nd gen $170 (total 1,219)
• Air Pad Air 10.5-inch 250 GB - $850 (3rd Gen) + Pencil 1st gen $130 (total $980)

(prices in Canadian dollars, excludes taxes)

I am only interested in how the iPad performs with Procreate, all the other functions are irrelevant for this purchase decision.

I never bought a refurbished Apple product - is that an OK thing to do?

Feel free to suggest other iPad models if you feel strongly about it! :)

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I can't tell you which iPad to get, but I can tell you that refurbished Apple products have a very good reputation and are backed by a full warranty. It's basically as safe as buying a new product.
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There is an Apple event today at 10PDT that is rumored to be introducing new iPads and Apple Watches, so at least hold on to the likelihood of a lot of sales making the prices change quite a bit today.

We've also bought a lot of Apple refurbished items direct from Apple and never had an issue with them.
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Bite the bullet at get the big Pro. You’ll be glad you did. If you get a keyboard it actually can replace your home computer. This is what I use for architectural design sketches and my wife uses for graphic design. I thought the smaller iPad might be a better form factor but the screen real estate is extremely useful for drawing. Matte screen protectors are also a good investment.
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Also, second gen pencil is much better - that’s what you’d need for option #1, right?
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Response by poster: q*ben - no, for older Pros only the 1st gen pencil works. A new Pro is out of my budget :(
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If new iPads are announced in 30 minutes, all the prices are going to change.
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My MiL recently gifted me her old iPad Pro (10.5"?) and I added the original Pencil and Procreate. And love it.
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I used the ipad pro (2nd gen, 10.5") , 1st gen pencil is still really good and sensitive and miles better than any other tablet pencil/stylus I've seen out there. Refurbished is as good as new.

Personally I would only get the big one (12.9") if you plan on always working at a surface/at home with it and really need the screen real estate for big drawings. I've handled a colleagues' bigger ipad at the office, and it was a little too heavy to draw/take notes if you weren't at a table. (I sometimes draw/write on the couch, and it felt just a little too big for me to use comfortably, it's also just big enough that I would be wary of commuting with it, while the smaller one somehow feels less vulnerable)

1st gen pencil is still really good and sensitive and miles better than any other tablet pencil/stylus I've seen out there, although I've heard really good things about 2nd gen pencils as well, it hasn't been convincing enough for me to upgrade both ipad and pencil.

And on preview, I guess I'm just repeating everyone else.
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Apple refurbs are the bomb -- I would never get anything else!
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Best answer: If you can hold out for one of the new Airs (iPads Air?) that were just announced to be shipping in early October, that's what I would get - seems very similar to the 2nd-gen 11-inch Pro in performance (maybe better?), and also supports 2nd gen pencil (which is worth it just for the magnetic charging/attachment alone IMO, it's super convenient). Here's a comparison between the new Air and the 2 Pro models you're considering.
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Ditto-ing btfreek above about the new Air announced today. I don't know the Canadian dollar conversion, but it might be within your budget, and it would get you the 2nd generation Pencil. Just this morning I was annoyed that I seem to have lost yet another of the tiny little adapter thingys required to charge the 1st gen Pencil I have. I would highly recommend going with an iPad model that lets you get the wireless charging Pencil instead!
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The 2nd gen pencil makes a HUGE difference in my Procreate experience. Try to do anything you can to do that.Apple refurbs are great. The new Air might be a good possibility?
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