Location tracking apps that inform when being tracked?
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Are there any location tracking apps (similar to Life360, etc.) that are available on both iOS and Android, and explicitly inform the person being tracked whenever their location info is accessed (by a popup, or text message, or something similar)? This would mean that as long as the tracked person doesn't receive a notification that they are being tracked, they can be sure that no-one has accessed their phone's location data.
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Android's "Trusted" app can be set to send you a notification that someone you've added as a trusted contact is requesting to see your location. You can set a delay as to when it automatically begins sharing, or you can just respond and share immediately.
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"Trusted Contacts" will inform you when someone you've listed asks for your location -- but it sounds like you're essentially looking for a watchdog for your location data - something like "Little Snitch" does for macOS for accessing the Internet. Trusted Contacts won't do that.

I don't know myself, but my suggestion would be go to over to /r/Android on Reddit on either a Monday (questions megathread) or Saturday (app recommendation megathreads). It'll be the green thread "pinned" to the top.

I'd be curious to hear what you come up with – if you get an answer, will you post it back in this thread?
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