Does want: bo ssam. Does have: pit ham
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My best friend has requested "something with pork" for an upcoming dinner. Normally I'd make Momofuku's bo ssam, but already have a fully cooked Tender Belly pit ham in the freezer that wants using. I can make the usual sides and sauces, but suggestions for bo ssaming up a ham OR any other killer meal with pit ham are much appreciated, thanks!!!
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I re-read your question--you said you had enough sauces.
I did a nectarine sauce over pork the other day and thought it was amazing.

Chop three nectarines, put them in a pan with water, honey and some preserves (I used pineapple). Cook until you get the right consistency and the fruit is mostly broken down--some pieces are okay. It's gooooood.
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I had to look up what pit ham was. Is this already smoked and cooked and such? If it's relatively plain in flavor but fully cooked, I'd just take Maangchi's bo-ssam recipe and tweak it. She takes all the seasonings for the pork and simmers it with the meat in water until tender, so you could take all those ingredients and cook them down into a glaze, and use that on your ham. Maybe cut it up into more manageable chunks and glaze it that way, so more flavor gets everywhere? Then slow roast, glazing a few times. Since it's probably salty already you could leave out or cut down on the doenjang. Maybe provide more fresh unsalted crunchy add-ons like fresh cucumber and sprouts instead of so many salty savory condiments, too.
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