In search of movie/TV recommendations given nebulous parameters!
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Hi Mefites! I am seeking your recommendations for TV/movies to watch while the pandemic rages on. I am open to anything, really, but my taste is pretty idiosyncratic and since I don't watch a lot of stuff I'm not good at defining it. See more details of what I've liked and disliked inside.

Pretty much the sum total of TV/movies I have really liked in the past decade: I May Destroy You, The Wire, Russian Doll, The Baby-Sitters Club, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, The Half of It, Shrill, The Night Of, most of Studio Ghibli

Things I've loved in the past: Bored to Death, Annie Hall (sorry), Little Miss Sunshine, Utena

Things I have tried to watch and thought I'd probably like and could not get into: BoJack Horseman, The Good Place, Normal People (I did like the book), Booksmart, Lady Bird

Concepts I know I don't like: horror, gratuitous gore, mean-spirited humor
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Never Have I Ever.
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We have similar tastes! This jumps immediately to mind, I’ll have to think of anything else.

Palm Springs (movie on Hulu, don’t read too much about it, though I would equate it most to Russian Doll of things you’ve liked)
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Based on your list, Fleabag
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Give Glow (Netflix) and Remy (Hulu) a try.
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And if you like Fleabag as recommended by Mchelly, try Crashing.
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Recent films:
The Farewell
The Favourite
Can You Ever Forgive Me?

I haven't watched it yet but a few people have recommended The Great

TV shows that are somewhat violent with some gore, but if you are OK with The Wire they might be OK:
Killing Eve
The Sopranos
Fargo (TV series. The seasons are self contained, I think season 3 is the best).
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The Great
The Americans
Search Party
Little Fires Everywhere
Better Call Saul
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The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
I enjoyed Utena and this anime similarly plays with and questions tropes about female characters. It's also a lot of fun. You don't need to know anything about the Lupin-verse to enjoy it.
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Princess Tutu has ghibli-level gentleness and, even though it doesn't really deal with gender like Utena does, somehow I associate the two shows in my mind; there are a lot of thematic similarities between them and neither one ends up where its setup points at first.
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Scrolling through your likes, and many of what's already suggested, looks like my "continue/rewatch" category on Netflix. So maybe...
Hilda also has a Ghibli-level of gentleness. There's a full season.
Same goes for Rilakkuma and Kaoru, if you're comfortable with subtitles.
Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories, also subtitled.
Animated - Song of the Sea, (also The Secret of Kells) - very Ghibli-like both of them.
Also Mary & The Witch's Flower - creator used to work with Ghibli.
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Because you liked Russian Doll:



After seeing them recommended many times, I watched Fleabag and The Great, despite knowing very little about them, and ended up loving them, so I'd say give them a try.
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Gilmore Girls? Sweet and quirky.
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2nd vote for Legion (Season 1 is a masterpiece)
2nd vote for Maniac ( I watched it twice in a row back to back that just doesn't happen)
1000 votes for Hilda (which I am recommending all the time to everyone forever)
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Nthing The Great and Fleabag.

Maybe try Unbelievable (Netflix)--it's true crime and the women's performances are incredible. If you're of the right age, Cobra Kai (Netflix) might hit a lovely nostalgia spot. I'm finally catching up with Underground (Hulu) and liking it a lot.
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Oh! You may also like Tuca and Bertie?
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If you liked Bored to Death, I'd recommend Blunt Talk and Lodge 49. And maybe Terriers (thought that's pretty different from the others).
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Freaks and Geeks
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The Wire
Bodyguard (the one with Richard Madden)

Russian Doll
Dispatches from Elsewhere

Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Vita & Virginia

most of Studio Ghibli
Anything by Makoto Shinkai, also some Satoshi Kon such as Paprika, Millennium Actress
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Based off the dramedy feel of your list, I think you might like the tv show Love (Netflix).
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It may be a little low-brow for you since it was on network TV, but I loved The Good Wife and from your list I am getting a blend of "strong female characters/feminist ethos" and "realistic crime/legal procedurals" and Good Wife is right there in that sweet spot.
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Being Erika
+1 on Never have I ever
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Oh Oh OH! Two completely underappreciated Australian series: Rake, and there are five (5!) seasons to love. Also, Wanted and you're going to love Lola and Chelsea. Both on Netflix I think.
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Thank you all; I will check these out!
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