Connect a 2.4ghz printer to a 5ghz Android hotspot?
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I tether my spare phone's cellular 5G via 5ghz Wifi. I need 5ghz speed. 2.4ghz is too slow. Android can't run both 2.4ghz and 5ghz WiFi at the same time but my printer only supports 2.4ghz. How can I connect my printer to the network?

Will this work:

1) put a TL-WR702N into CLIENT mode and connect that to the 5ghz Android hotspot
2) plug the ethernet from the TL-WR702N into a WL500G 2.4ghz access point running OpenWRT
3) connect the printer to the 2.4ghz access point either via wireless or via the WL500G deluxe USB port

The above solution is free but confusing. Buying a 5G access point costs $200, which I don't really need.
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1) put a TL-WR702N into CLIENT mode and connect that to the 5ghz Android hotspot

It looks like the TL-WR702N only supports the 2.4GHz band.
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What kind of printer is it?
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Google cloud print could work if you have another computer connected.
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The TP-Link AC750 offers similar functionality to the TL-WR702N and also supports 5Ghz networks. It should work in the scenario you described above. If the printer has an Ethernet port, you could also connect it directly to the AC750's 10/100 Ethernet jack.
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