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I am trying to look for t shirts that have patterns all over, front and back- if I search for "front and back pattern shirt" I get sewing patterns, and if I search "print" instead of pattern it shows me custom t shirt printing places! what word am I looking for?

my new job is awesome and I can wear t-shirts but I want some nice ones, and I love all-over-printed t-shirts, I think they look so nice! But I can't seem to get the google search terms right to find anything. help, please!

Also while I'm here, am taking suggestions for websites with good advice on how to dress my damn self (butch/transmasc fwiw, jeans based outfits) bc I've been wearing basically pajamas (scrubs) to work for a decade and am shit at dressing myself anyway, transition stuff doesn't help. Okay this is a larger ask than it started as, but whatever!
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Try "wrap around print" or "all over print".
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Try “patterned t shirt.”
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The Society6 website has tons and tons of really interesting options for this type of t-shirt (ranging from both staid geometric patterns and like, corgi butt patterns). They call this style all over graphic tees.
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Seconding Society 6. Really good quality products, great customer service, and fast shipping.

Printful is another website with all over prints I can vouch for as far as quality and variety.
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Uniqlo has all-over prints under ‘graphic tees’. I think they’d be appropriately transmasc/butch?
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You can also find results under "full bleed."

I got a couple fun all over print shirts from Fresh Hoods after being served a bunch of increasingly targeted Instagram ads. No regrets.
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Fellow transmasc person here. I really like H&M for both patterned t-shirts and button-down shirts.
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You might find something you'll like at Print All Over Me.
Specifically, check out what's available for these silhouettes:
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These are sometimes and annoyingly called 3D t-shirta.
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All over print shirts is what I would search.

For transmasc and butch inspo I use Pinterest. I find it useful for ideas, components, and styling - moreso that articles or websites that often presume an androgynous body size/shape. Even the hyped to death transmasc and androgyny inclusive brand don't cater to big tits/hips or hourglass shapes, and even with a binder I am still hourglass shaped. So I browse butch or tomboy + season or aesthetic on Pinterest and go from there. plus size/chubby is also something I add. There is a lot of "I'm so cute with my tie" type outfits but also a decent range of actually butch styles that aren't just dapper/boi aesthetics (which are fine, just not for me).

The biggest tip for me in terms of butch styling is that lower waisted skinny/slim leg pants + loose fitting shirt tucked in obscures my hourglass shape enough to not look weirdly proportioned and put together, which is my main issue. Do not fear the shirt curving with your belly - it's a masc silhouette that is at extreme odds with every feminine clothing rule, and once I realised that I was much more comfortable. I'd internalised the 'rule' so much that trying to minimise belly while dressing masc just looked out of sync and always feminine.
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lots of love for y'all thank u so much!!! all very helpful <3<3<3
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