Looking for sites listing live online events for kids...
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I'm having a hard time finding interesting online events for my kids (8 and 4). Are there any sites with a list of possibilities? Bonus points for factory tours! And things like rocket launches, etc... We can always watch them after the fact on YouTube but it's so much more interesting when we can talk about how they're doing whatever in space RIGHT NOW!

I'm happy to pay per event, but I don't know where to LOOK. Both broadcast and interactive events are welcome.

I know about Outschool and those have been fine but I'm not really looking for classes. We did a live virtual tour of a chocolate factory through Dandelion Chocolate - looking for more things like that!

Ideally it would be a website where I could choose a specific time window and it would show me events happening in that time window. So if I need to fill a horribly smoky Sunday afternoon maybe we could watch somebody feeding a sloth in a zoo somewhere else in the world? Even something that collected virtual storytimes from more than one library system would be welcome. I cannot handle my current system of looking at so many different websites just hoping that something will fit the specific time window I have.
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Mommy Poppins has a tag for virtual events.

Red Tricycle seems to have a virtual event calendar as well.
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