Name that book: teenagers in a paranormal amusement park
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I'm struggling to remember the title of an English-language mystery/thriller novel I read as a kid. The plot centered on paranormal events; I think it was closer to alternative-realities, astral projection, prophesy, or dream-stuff rather than aliens or ghosts. There was a teenage or college age protagonist and a notable second character who was a peer and perhaps a love interest. An amusement park or carnival played a crucial role in the plot. I'm pretty sure one particular ride - not unlike a Ferris wheel or a carousel - was singled out. Any clues?

The book would have been available as a used book within a couple of years of 1990. I found the book in the lending library of an elementary school's after-school program. They were pretty liberal about accepting donations of books intended for older readers, so it could be meant for an young adult or adult audience.
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There's always Something Wicked This Way Comes.
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Best answer: William Sleator’s Into The Dream?
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How about one of R L Stine's Goosebumps series The Beast about the Kings Island amusement park?
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Sweet Valley Twins Super Chiller #3, The Carnival Ghost?
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Sounds quite a bit like Stephen King's Dead Zone.

The main character isn't a teenager at the time of the amusement park scene, but he does give his prophesy-gained winnings to a bunch of teenagers. King's best book, in my opinion.
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Twilight Eyes by Dean Koontz?
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Response by poster: Wow - thanks, all. I'm amazed at how many options people came up with that very closely fit my description.

I'm 95% sure the specific book I remember is Sleator's Into the Dream. There are many details in the descriptions that I had forgotten but sound incredibly familiar - the end scene involving telekenesis and the dog. The Apple Paperback's version of the cover art also seems familiar. I've ordered a copy.

I may check out some of the others. Once again, askme nailed what I thought was a hard question in no time. Thanks!
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If it isn't "Into the Dream" (Sleator's books are great!) it might be "Full Tilt" by Neal Shusterman.
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