Patio heater (gas, wood, propane?)
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What's your best recommendation for a patio/deck heater?

We are realizing that we are going to need some way to extend "outside season" if we want to see people socially during these fun virus times. I've never bought an outside heater or even looked into it. We have a natural gas line that runs out to a grill on the patio/deck, which I think I could split without much trouble. I've also been thinking about these cool high-efficiency wood stoves, like the Solo Stove. Any tips or recommendations? We are in a dense city environment, so wood maybe isn't great for that reason. Natural gas would probably be easiest? Any specific models that you have used that I should check out? Thanks!
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We just bought a propane heater, like the kind you see at restaurants. We already have a propane tank for our grill, and since they're just a stand, burner and reflector, they are pretty cheap. This is the one we bought I haven't actually fired it up yet, but I put it together this weekend and, it seems like it will be fine and give us extra time for safe outdoor visits with family.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I wound up buying this natural gas-line model and also a Solo Stove, which may well be overkill. Both of them are back-ordered, so I won't get them for a few days/weeks.
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Response by poster: OK, so we got the Solo Stove on Friday and it's pretty awesome. It is incredibly easy to light a wood fire in it, it burns very hot and burns up the wood completely (very little ash/leftover). It is very contained and at least gives me the impression that it is safe to use on my wood deck (on top of a single ~2 inch paver stone). We got the screen that goes on top for embers and very little comes out of the top in terms of sparks/embers.
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