Favorite weird house aggregators?
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Inspired by this recent FPP and because we are all stuck at home this year, I'm looking for recommendations of websites/blogs/instagram accounts/etc. that highlight weird, interesting, or just really neat properties anywhere in the world. Ideally, these would be houses/apartments/buildings that are for sale or rent, but that's not necessary.

I'm open to any suggestions of sites you personally like, though I am less interested in the glossy/aspirational approach of, say, Dwell, and more interested in quirky or just plain different. Both low- and high-end are welcome.

CIRCA's "You should move to..." (subject of a past FPP) is an example of the kind of rabbit hole I enjoy. I am aware of McMansion Hell, obviously.
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Check out Retro Not Hetero on instagram.
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Cheap Old Houses on instagram
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Redfin_nightmares hasn’t updated in a minute but is a glorious repository of wacky excess. Also try browsing the “everybody has that one weird thing in their house” TikTok sound!
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Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos, which started after the original blog was purchased by I can haz cheezburger (weird internet days back then). I think they might be a MeFite?
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A friend of mine turned her real estate website browsing hobby into Escapist to the Country, a blog and Instagram account of her fantasy lives in interesting house listings from around the world for under $500k.
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Maybe cabin porn on the low end?
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The Guardian shows five or so places every week, on a theme. The prices are aspirational for normal people but there is a lot of Quirk. Each caption includes a link to the estate agent's listing.
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I love the Guardian Fantasy House Hunt features. Some weeks the selling point they choose is actually fairly ordinary, but other times there are towers, windmills, round buildings, islands and other unusual features.
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I recently went down a bit of a rabbit hole of "expanded housing" and informal mansard roof additions in Yerevan, Armenia.

Here's a slideshow.
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House Hunting shows a wide array of houses. She has an affinity for retro housing, so there's a lot of that. What I like most about it is her dedication to keep things organized - she tags houses by the date they're built, location, price, and sometimes "themes", like Victorian, or Time Capsule
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Try also Wowhaus, which is UK focused but has occasional forays into Europe and North America.
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Old Forgotten Houses! They also do Instagram
Also occasionally Ugly Belgian Houses when I’m feeling mean.
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