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How can I get my home server to synch with the server in my office?

I work at home 50% of the time, and I would like easy access to my work files. What I would like to do is set up two identical servers, one at home and one in my office, and I would like them to incrementally synch any changes every couple of hours. I would always be able to quickly access my files, and since the drives are essentially mirrors, I would always have a backup. Is there an easy way to do this?
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Do you want a two-way sync or one-way? Two way is probably fairly difficult, one-way not so much.

Current I use rsync running over ssh, the work machine connects to my home machine with a private ssh key, via an account that is limited to only kicking off the rsync daemon.

A few links that I used for reference:

Here's a rsync for windows howto, not something I've tried.
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I would want two way.
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What do you want to happen if the same file is changed on both machines between syncs?
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What platform/OS?

This is incredibly easy to do in Mac OS X.
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nicwolff: I dunno, I guess it would be nice if it would ask me what to do. like windows asks during offline file sharing synchs.

unsane: All my machines are win xp
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You might want to take a look at Unison.
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It's pretty lightweight (8M resident, ~0% CPU when not syncing), easy and it just works, even though Microsoft bought it a few months back.

It just sits there in the background, monitoring the designated folders on each computer, and if there is a change to a file, it starts syncing it immediately once it's closed. Offline changes get synched automatically when the machine is reconnected to the network. It can also be used to share files among multiple users.

It can manage conflicts when a given file is changed in two locations at the same time, though it's better if you avoid those sorts of situations.

I've been keeping an eye on Novell's open source version of iFolder too, but setting it up looks like work.
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