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I desperately need one. We live in a pandemic. Help.

I need a writing group, badly. I need eyeballs on my work, I need people not afraid to give open and honest (but kind) feedback. I don't have this. I have been leaning heavily on my best friend, also a writer, to help me revise pieces but she's a Professor and her college has just resumed classes and she no longer has time. Are there any online reading groups that are worth joining? I googled and the results were overwhelming. I would also prefer a writing group that is compromised of or sensitive to BIPOC issues, how would I find that?

does anyone here on Metafilter want to start a writing group with me?

Thanks in advance.
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Is it prose or poetry, fiction or nonfiction?
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If it's a struggle finding something that encompasses the elements you're seeking, I'd love to start a group with you! I'm also wishing for a regular, virtual, BIPOC + QTPOC friendly writing group.
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I'm also wishing for a regular, virtual, BIPOC + QTPOC friendly writing group.

I am a queer essayist and memoirist who has also been longing for a writing group. I am white but have made a strong effort over many years to be educated about people and communities of color, and to be anti-racist.

Otherwise I await people's answers about how to find a good writing online writing group.
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If you start one, I’d like to join. :)
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You want Discord. There's tons of writing groups there of varying sizes and focuses (you can search on Disboard to find one that fits your needs). I'm in a writing server that I think would be a good fit, though they don't let you share your writing immediately--you need to earn that by participating in the community first. I can send you (or anyone else) an invite to that server if you MeMail me, I don't think it's public on Disboard.
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Thanks for the suggestions folks! I primarily write nonfiction/memoir but I dabble in short fiction as well.

travelingthyme, Orlop, redlines... let's do this! I'll send you all a memail once I have some lunch. :D
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Memail me too, please! I'm a female writer of color working on a novel and I would love to find a writing group. Discord works well for this - there are options for timed sprints, themed channels, etc.
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I'd like to join your writing group too! I'm a BIPOC writer. Also, my friend shared with me this link of a weekly Monday BIPOC virtual writing community.
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Check your MeMail everyone! :)
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The Internet Writing Workshop. Email based, so all you need is an email account to participate, wonderful people, and minimal required participation rules (but if you want feedback, you gotta give feedback). They have a non-fiction mailing list that seems to have heavy memoir traffic. At least worth a look. A number of published authors have passed their work through the IWW.
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