How to shoot a lot of sperm?
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How do pornstars have so much cum? They shoot *spurt*, and shoot *spurt* *spurt*.. and it shoots far, may I add. I hear it's eating lots of celery. But come on, what other ways of having more sperm? And shooting it, too.
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I'll be interested if anyone has a serious answer to this question. On a slightly related topic me and an ex did a lot of research into changing the taste of the semen you produce. It involved eating a lot of fresh fruit, if I remember correctly. Celery, strawberries, pineapple all ring a bell.

The problem with google for these types of things is the massive number of scams/pornsites/etc that you get when what you want is raw info.
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I don't know if this is what pron stars do, but a while back I started eating Alfalfa tabs from Shaklee, and after a few days I was spurting across the room. No shit.
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I'm a little embarrassed that I may know the answer to this. Part of my research involves semen samples. If you need more volume, you have the person masturbate short of orgasm, wait a time and then masturbate again.
Don't know if porn stars do this, though.
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zhivota: I can't recall the product, but my brother told me awhile back about these pills they were advertising on TV that did just that.

I'm pretty sure they must use one of the potentiating products like 'strings' or viagra. And if I were a porn star, I'd get stoned beforehand, so I'd cum hard.

I'd be interested to see a professional response on this.
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Hydration matters. The less viscous your cum is, the further it will go. Drink more fluids. Similarly, the angle of the shot [camera shot, cum shot] matters. Anything is going to look like it goes a long way when it's really mostly falling from waist height. So guy goes grunt-grunt-grunt, pulls out, points his cock up, shoots, jizz goes up [a little] arcs, and then way down. It's not like they're shooting it at a wall where you hear it go SPLAT with some degree of force, it's mostly just falling and the camera angle makes the most of it. Constricting the urethra [say by holding it] wil help a little, as will a few of the tips on these pages, but you can go on thinking it's CGI if you want to.
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Lockeownzj00 - I think Sweet Release is what you're talking about.
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Isn't it possible that the guys you see in porn films are there precisely because they are copious cummers? Peter North in particular was known for his excessive ejaculations.
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I can't recall the product, but my brother told me awhile back about these pills…

Something like this?
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zhivota: From MY research, Celery is for the amount of cum. And to make the taste of your cum sweeter, you drink 5 glasses of Pineapple juice every day, for atleast 1.5 week.
And 3-4 days after that you'll have sweet tasting cum..

Guys, stunt cock, or not. You need something to do this, it's not a stunt cock, or anything. Trust me, I've thought about 'effects' for a long time and I've recently been checking out amateur porn because the girl I'm sleeping with likes it, and it seriously shows 4-5 spurts.. no arching the cock, just straight lines.

PS: Do these products *actually* work, without sideeffects? Damn.
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Here's a patent I found for a semen taste enhancer:

SFW (unless puritan boss can read actual text)
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A lot of it is stunt cum, but you can increase your volume by staying hydrated, having fewer ejaculations, and with certain foodstuffs/herbal supplements.
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As has already been mentioned, I think you're being unduly influenced by the professionals. Peter North is truly prodigious. The Jackson Pollack of pornography. He's an exception to the rule; an outlier on the bell curve.

That said, I find that if I wait 3 or 4 days before "releasing" I get some impressive distance.
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aladfar: I agree with you. I agree with someone who said wait till the last second.

But these are all natural things. I am expecting for someone who has really done something like the celery trick, just to find out if it's really true.
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I like the sweetrelease thing, lol
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Eat lots of kelp. Lots of it.
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This SFW-except-for-the-banner-ad article about Peter North has a bit that may explain something:
As for his famous pop shots, "Peter claims to drink a gallon of fresh, Vitamin D enriched milk every day as well as supplementing his diet with plenty of fresh vegetables, extra doses of zinc, and at least two heaping tablespoons full of Elmer's Household Glue - the white kind that you used to have at school when you were a kid," writes Hustler Erotic Video Guide editor Mike Albo. "Just kidding! Peter achieves such mighty popshots by fantasizing about Johnathan Morgan."
I suspect the last bit is industry humor I would never, ever understand.
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What jessamyn said, that and selenium and zinc.
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What's "the celery trick"? You were already told that hydration was important. What do you think's in celery that comes out in ejaculation? Celery is 90% water. There's no trick there, it's just hydration.

Note that you don't want lots of sperm, you want lots of semen. Semen is only 2-5% sperm, but it's >60% seminal plasma. For all you know, those porn stars are shooting blanks.
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From the abstract that PurplePorpoise linked to (emphasis mine):
Semen was collected once a week [from the Rams] between days 44 and 86, by diversion during a natural mount.
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Outside of Peter North, most porn stars don't seem particularly impressive in their cumshots. aladfar is right- the guy is a freak of nature when it comes to this one, very particular, talent.

The "priming the pump" method is probably the most significant- certainly in porn, the 10 minute scene is actually an hour or more of fucking/sucking/jerking, pause, repeat, pause, etc, as camera angles are changed. After an hour of this, aided by viagra, any guy would have quite the explosion when it's finally unleashed. I suspect it's that all that seminal fluid et al is backing up in the vas deferens as you build-and-stop, build-and-stop, so that when you finally let it all out it's a long length of semen coming out.

The rest is generally true: going without for a couple of days obviously makes a big difference. I imagine food can help the sweetness, and apparently the volume in some fashion- but I'm sure not every male porn star is on a regimen of zinc and alfala and what-have-you (that excerpt about Peter North seems very tongue in cheek, using the same logic that makes any phallic shaped animal part = aphrodisiac: elmer's glue and milk?! I doubt it- he would look like Ron Jeremy if he was drinking a gallon of milk a day!). Doing whatever the male equivalent of Kegel exercises which makes you able to dance your johnson around like a marionette and that "pull inward" feeling likely gives you the muscular strength that when you cum the urethra becomes like when you put your finger over part of the opening of a gardenhose. Avoiding tight restrictive clothing that packs your family jewels into too-snug, too-warm areas... the boys need some breathing room to operate properly. Other than that- yeah, it's pretty much genetics, and self-selecting in the industry.
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I've heard Ron Jeremy (the hedgehog!) answer this in interviews and he says he doesn't have sex or masturbate for 1 week before a shoot. It's a strict rule and he has to keep it inside for that entire week. Then apparently while filming he'll get close several times and stop the shoot in between to recoup and save it all for the end scene.

He sounds pretty depressed in interviews, how his life alienates most partners and how the no sex thing for a week here and there was always a problem.
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maxpower - that means some poor grad student had to pull the ram's penis out of a ewe and aim it at a plastic container.

Personally, yeah. Abstainance and stimulation-rest-stimulation-rest increases ejaculate volume for me. Zinc supplements daily over a period of time also seems to do the trick although I have no empirical evidence. Side effect of zinc supplements is that it tends to leave you really bloody horny.
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I saw a monster ejaculation once in my life, other than a couple times it was my own, inferior-but-amazing shots. Distance seems a function of mind-state. Quantity a matter of frequency and unknown factors.

The monster example was a guy about 18 and virgin (I was 16). It was a quicky in a shower room on a Lake Michigan ferry. 32 years latter, still a very vivid memory that blows my mind. Good times!!
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[Star] I think that my biggest fear right now, is definitely getting the Gush.

[Director] As a director I've seen the Gush up close and it's not pretty. The guy just gets locked into an ejaculation that doesn't stop until he's dead.

[S] The first guy that ever was to get it was Dean Dorcy. I've seen the clip. He's doing the snot shot, and suddenly there is this real panic on his face and he just keeps staring down at himself and he's whimpering "oh my god oh my god", and it's like a sad voice freaky clown. He's coming with the tears in his voice, but they are not there. It is bad.

[D] I threw ice on his balls, tried to destimulate him with a dog carcass, but he just kept popping the protein.

[S] It took him three days to die, and all the time he was firing the fuck juice and he was begging to be shot.

[D] A spunk expert explained to me that the whole body just gets consumed in producing semen. You can eat all day and all night but you just can't keep up when you're shooting the moisturizer like a fucked up oil rig.

[S] He was just twenty kilos when he died. That is maybe about as big as two or three squirrels, and when they cremated him they couldn't burn his testicles.

[D] A guy with the Gush is suddenly in big demand for cream scenes all over town. There are special agents for it. If you see a black limo with a flashing light and a siren, chance's are that's a jam wagon with some poor kid in the back, groin going off like a sick snake, Gush agent clutching a supply of dick nappies, trying to cram in as many jobs as possible before the spunk turns red.

[S] Yeah, it goes red and then it turns black, and that is when you better watch that you're not piling the pearls into Saint Peter's dress. No, but it's not funny at all, in the reality perception there is this tragic, and that is where it is. That's why I'm am doing only soft-cock porn now, this things where you just push it in with your thumb or a winklepoker, and it is flaccid.

[D] A lot of guys are going invertebrate now, it's not easy to keep jelly when you're in a woman.

[S] It's not much fun soft-cock. It's like trying to tighten up a screw with a maggot, and keeping like that in a sexy twat, that is very tricky. But I guess in the end it is beating squirting up your squit to death.

Chris Morris, Blue Jam series 2 episode 4
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There is a clip out there where a porn actor climaxes for about a minute, and his ejaulation is voluminous. It really defies belief. I mean, his prostate must have been the size of a watermelon.
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Grangousier: OMG! That's sooo scary, has it been proven in theory? If I see a clip like that, I'm gonna stop having sex or something, lol. Wait, that is also a form of death!

I've done the abstinence and touch-n-go antics a few times, and it worked.

I just wanted to see if we go other stuff on the go as well, heh.

But thanks for the replies guys, really appreciate it. The discussion, however, with my royal permission, can definitely go on.. ;-)
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Sometimes it's just plain faked. I'll defer to a friend of mine who works in the gay porn industry (as a video editor):

The stories I could tell you. Why one time, we had this guy who just couldn't climax. Tried and tried and tried and for whatever reason he couldn't get the money shot. You know how it is. So what we had to end up doing, I swear to god, the cameraman just kind of whirls around behind the guy so you can't see what's going on, and we gave him a thing of coffee creamer to hold in his hand, so he goes, "Uhhh, uhhhhhh", and then squeezes the thing of creamer. It looked terrible, but it was all we could do.

And somewhat off-topic, when asked if the actors go through a lot of Viagra:

Sometimes. You can tell who does though, because those guys are always real flush. Beet red chest and face, because Viagra actually lowers your blood pressure and helps things get moving, not just down there, but everywhere.
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I'd always thought the average ejaculation was 10 CC, but Snopes says it's 3.
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Kegels, Kegels, Kegels. Put it in your Outlook schedule to have it pop up every day at whatever time you're in front of your computer and do one of the exercises. Drink lots and lots of water.
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I've read that steriods affect your load and Peter North discovered this many years ago (the one I've heard associated with him is clomid). The milk and glue post above has been debunked. He says he's not gonna tell what he uses til he retires.

You have to take the time frame of the porn shoot into consideration. They shoot a scene sometimes for hours before the cumshot, so there is a ton of time to build up a load.
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Peter North is called "The Decorator" is he not?

I love that - and when do I ever get to use that bit of trivia!
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When this thread pops up on the Something Awful forums, the default responses are l-lysine and l-arginine for volume, and zinc for whiteness. Please note there was some debate about the safety of l-arginine; I don't know enough about it to advise you wisely, so please do more research or ask your doctor before you start taking it. I've been making my boyfriend take l-lysine for months, and he already had zinc in his multivitamin, but I can't say I've noticed a difference.
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Devileyezz: Blue Jam was a series originally broadcast in the early hours of the morning. Theoretically a comedy, its main reason to exist was to freak people out. A transcript of the whole episode is here.

It's OK. You can gush as much as you want.
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Peter achieves such mighty popshots by fantasizing about Johnathan Morgan."
I suspect the last bit is industry humor I would never, ever understand.
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I'll help: Peter North started out in gay porn, credited as Matt Ramsey (or Ramsay, according to IMDB).
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