Yet another music storing question
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So I've seen this question solutions for music storage and management in a post-Google Play Music world, but the answers don't solve my situation, so here we go again ...

Basically, my use case is similar to the previous question: I have a very large collection of music that I've purchased over many years that I want to be able to access on my various devices (MacBooks, iPhone, Android.) I was relatively happy with Google Play Music - it's got things that are annoying, but I had learned to live with them. But now they're moving to YouTube Music, which does not work well for managing your own collection. (IMHO).

I don't really care about streaming - it's nice for checking out new music, but I really just want to be able to manage and access my own collection.

Amazon Music did this for a while, but now they don't allow uploading. I don't think Apple Music will handle this either.

What I really want to do is be able to easily put all my music up on a server someplace, access and play it, and add new music. I don't want to have to think about syncing devices, or copying over music to an SD card, or freeing up space, etc.

But, before you say "Plex!", I am not interested in setting up a server in our house. We don't have the room or the extra outlets, and I don't want one more thing to fiddle with. I want a bulletproof in-the-cloud solution that I don't have to restart when the power goes out ...
If there's a way to host a Plex server offsite, that would be great, but I don't think that's how it works ...

So, any non-Plex suggestions?
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I think this is exactly what iTunes Match does, and it seems to still be available as a service distinct from Apple Music... but it looks like it doesn’t support Android, so that may be a deal-breaker.
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This is only a partial answer (mods can delete if they wish) but although I have a robust home network with Linux server I have never used Plex or any music service. I just copy the MP3s to my various devices. My phone has a 128G SD card, which I know you said you didn't want to fiddle with, but my music player will find music anywhere on the phone, and I don't buy new music that fast, so once in a while I just add anything with a date greater than last time. And here's the plus side (if nobody else finds an ideal solution for you): I can still listen to music when I'm away from Wifi, or a cell tower. It seems like you value your time and convenience, I think trading very occasional inconvenience for more independence and less monthly cost might be worth it to you. Backup of the MP3s is a different matter (if that's what you wanted the cloud for). I use 2TB USB drives and off-site for all my backups. I know this isn't ideal, just a thought.
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Plex doesn't require an actual separate server - just a machine on the network that is set up with their software. We use an existing desktop that is also used as a normal personal machine.
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RGD - the CloudPlay suggestion in the thread you linked to may be just the thing I need. It even syncs with my Sonos speakers, which I thought was too much to ask for... thanks!
posted by chbrooks at 10:12 PM on September 12 does most of Google Music did, but it’s not nearly ass thought out and complete. Cannot delete songs without a Mac for examples, cannot use Google Cast. But it’s a replacement, since YouTube Music isn’t.
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