Looking for videos showing either empty or busy locations - US or abroad
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I am looking for short video clips (10-15 seconds is enough) that show the difference between public activity during coronavirus in the US and the rest of the world. The focus is on areas in the US that are quiet/empty/closed, and other parts of the world that are open/bustling/crowded/open.

If anyone remembers seeing any particularly poignant instances of this to describe that I can look for, or can provide a link.

For example - video of a US sports stadium that is empty or has cardboard fans, and a stadium in a foreign country that is full of fans.

Or an amusement park in the US that is closed, and one in a foreign country that is open.

A US train or subway station that is empty, and one in a foreign country that is bustling.

If you have any links to videos that show this contrast, or can describe any locations that fit this description, please share. 
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Here's drone footage of the heart of Philadelphia from this spring
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