Getting Into Thrash Metal and Need Rec's Similar to Power Trip and Fury
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I'm discovering that thrash metal is scratching my Trump Anxiety itch quite well and would like recommendations for bands similar to Power Trip and Fury. Meaning vocals that are understandable, extremely pissed off, and don't sound like a whiny suburban kid gargling with nails and ten bottles of Robitussin.

For sonic examples, I absolutely love Swing of the Axe by Power Trip and Angels Over Berlin by Fury.
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I can't claim to be able to characterize all the different metal subgenres, but based on these, maybe you would like Killer Be Killed or Mastodon or Propagandhi. At least they scratch this itch for me - I'm interested to see what other suggestions you get!
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That Power Trip video reminded me of a more analog version of Ministry. Here's a few songs to check out: Animosity, Burning Inside, Just One Fix

Static-X had a great cover of Burning Inside. I like their first album (Wisconsin Death Trip) but it isn't thematically similar to what you've asked about.

Perhaps Lamb of God: Walk With Me In Hell, Black Label. Their lyrics are a bit harder to understand.
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I am an old, so my thrash recs are dated, but Anthrax definitely lit the way for thrash/speed metal.
Clean singing and a habit of writing songs about Stephen King books.
My favorite albums of theirs are “Among the Living” and “Persistence of Time.”
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This is a hard one to answer. Part of what makes/made Power Trip so special is that they were able to pull off a contemporary take on old thrash classics like Anthrax in a way that nobody else really can. I'd go oldschool if I were you. I always assumed the "Executioner's Tax" video was a riff on Megadeth's "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" Sarcofago's "Screeches from the Silence" scratches a similar itch for me. They are not as consistent as Power Trip by any means, and they're singing Brazilian English so they don't fit your lyrical need probably.
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Sorry to double post here. Can't mention Sarcofago or quasi-political 90s thrash without Sepultura. If you're going for a more contemporary sound, Power Trip's label Southern Lord has a lot of heavy hitters. They're not all exactly thrash, but I like Black Breath, All Pigs Must Die, and many others...

Finally one more oldschool recommendation: Entombed.
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Maybe Sacrifice "Soldiers of Misfortune?" Also early Corrosion of Conformity and even Suicidal Tendencies.
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Exodus’s Fabulous Disaster might fit the bill, they were Bay Area contemporaries with Metallica and other early thrash bands. Iron Reagan’s Miserable Failure is a more recent and punky approach to thrash that I like a lot.

Slayer’s Reign In Blood was a genre-defining classic.
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In my opinion Power Trip and Fury lean towards crossover thrash, so that might be a good starting point for you. Older bands I'd recommend are DRI and Cro-Mags.

Some of the 'thrash revival' bands might also fit. I'd take a look at Havok, Evile, and Toxic Holocaust. Also seconding Iron Reagan, as mentioned upthread.
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Great recs so far! Also, please to know that Lamb of God is some of the absolute SCARIEST music I've ever heard in my life. Instant fan. Their vocalist makes me piss my pants.
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I love Dark Roots of Earth (one of the latest albums by Testament) for this.
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Nobody's mentioned Metallica yet in a Trash Metal thread ? wow..

I heartily recommend Master of Puppets.
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Oh, I see migurksi mentioned Metallica... oops :-)
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Overkill's Years of Decay from 1989 is a pissed-off thrash classic. Sample album cut: the Elimination YT video (profanity).
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Lamb of God is still winning this thread. What I love most about their sound is that it's melodic, and the downbeats are seriously groovy. But still harder than concrete when they drop. It's not just rat-a-tat-tat thrash speed - LOG has HOOKS. Combine that groove with their lead singers seroiusly evil vocals and it's amazing. (i love how he goes from a growl to that high-pitched sinister snarl on a dime.)

Other bands I've come across that I like so far also are Meshuggah and Behemoth (but only for the music - their black metal sacrilege trip is Howdy Doody hysterical.)
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Thinking along the melodic lines you've mentioned, I would also add VHÖL and the particularly crispy Gama Bomb.

If you're digging the evil vocals of Lamb of God, I'd check out the Aramaic thrash of Melechesh.

But my fav album like this from the last decade is the two-song epic by Nux Vomica.
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Melekesh! LOVE THIS.
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For late 80's "crossover" stuff, I'd throw in:
- S.O.D - Speak English Or Die. (I have to link to one of my favorite live videos ever: March Of The S.O.D from the "Live at Budokan" concert video).

And for an oddball pick or two:

- Forced Entry - As Above So Below
- Earth Crisis - Fire Storm
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