Need comfy pants
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I'm 5'1" 150-something pounds, I have a tummy. I need black leggings or yoga pants. I want them to be durable, decent to wear outside the house and in public, and not to feel like a sausage casing. You are shaped like me and have a pair you bought online that you love. Hope me?
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colorful koala on amazon.

If any feel like a sausage casing, you have leggings that are too small!
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I have a tummy too, although I'm a bit larger than you. When I went through that period at the beginning of the summer where I realized I was going to be working from home forever, I bought a selection of leggings based on suggestions here (specifically for high waisted leggings that wouldn't press on the tummy).

My 100% favorites are the Eloquii Essential Leggings. They are soft and not at all like a sausage casing - not exactly a loose fit but also not tight up against your legs like running gear. They are definitely nice enough to wear outside the house - I would wear them to work under a long sweater. I bought my first pair using their size guide, which was fine, but then I went up a size for the second pair and that pair is even better. The price is excellent.

I also tried the Amazon Core 10 leggings - they have the high waist but are more shiny sausage like and I wish I'd gone up a size but there wasn't much availability at that time.
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I bought leggings at Old Navy that are a bit large, lots of cotton, comfy. I got XL, next time L. I've been wearing sizes 14 - 16. They change their products a lot, but also, inexpensive and always fun patterns and colors. and they have petites.
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Seconding Old Navy leggings - honestly, I buy the maternity ones because they're so comfortable.
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I acquired a tummy thanks to hypothyroidism and the associated weight gain, and Pact leggings in XL are my jam. If there's no Whole Paycheck near you, you can buy them on the company's website; the good news is that they often have sales. (Definitely size up from whatever the size guide suggests -- I did, after reading lots of reviews, and this proved to be sage guidance.)
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I'm 5'4, 190 with a belly, and I really like these pants from Woman Within. They are a soft, thick, stretchy material, very comfy, with pockets. I've been wearing a size 1X in Women but might have been able to wear an XL. They have it in Petite so that might work well for you.

I have a couple pairs in black, and also bought the capri version in gray. I also got a pair of the capri pants in sage green but didn't like them as well in that color (looked like grandma pants.) But the black and gray shades work fine for me.

I will say that they are definitely high-waisted pants meant to be worn higher on the torso. As opposed to being the stretchy-flat-band pants that hit at the mid-tummy or meant to be rolled down at the waist. These cover the belly, and I personally only wear them with shirts that are long and loose enough to cover the top of the pants and my belly.
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I came here to rec the Woman Within 7-day pants above. WW also has a yoga pant that is pocketless and a little more slimline, but not legging-y, they're still more slacks-like and I wore them out to the hardware and grocery stores today without any hesitation.

Also, WW's Perfect Tee v-neck 3/4 sleeve shirt is my uniform shirt.
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Walmart black waffle pants are the best but they're really long underwear, but I'm not sure people would even realize, at least if you wear a long top. Target is also good, thicker for winter.
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I like PopFit, their leggings are thick & sturdy. Also functional POCKETS, which makes them good for wearing out of the house. They're not buttery-soft like jammie pants you'd want to wear at home; the fabric is more like athletic gear but that makes them really hold up to washing & wearing. I am a couple inches taller than you & about 15lbs heavier, I take a Large & they fit great. The black ones stay black, and don't fade into that weird brownish shade.
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I like the Calvin Klein Performance high waisted leggings -- I also have a tummy and find the Calvins don't bind in any awkward spots, stay soft, wear well and look good with a long shirt. I've bought less expensive ones and not been happy with the way they wear (bagging, going see-through) and more expensive (too tight and sausage-skin like).
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Senita Athletics has quite a few black legging options and most of them have side pockets . I have a tummy (5'5" ~165lbs) and I find the Step Up Pants are really supportive in that aspect. The fabric is extremely soft and smooth to the touch. I've had them for a few months and they look brand new (I wash in cold & hang to dry). I also have the Lux Pace Pants in Herringbone (also offered in black) which fit really well. There are definitely other pants on their site that may fit your description that I haven't personally tried yet. Good luck!
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