Name of a futuristic nomad story?
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Within the last year, I heard a story about a future world in which everyone is a nomad. Because of climate change, people cannot stay in the same place longer than three days, nor can they hang out with the same people more than three days; robots grow the crops, and all this is to prevent nationalism, and to help resources from becoming used up. This scenario keeps popping up in my head, but now I cannot find the original source. Anybody remember this? It might have been a podcast.

I feel like the author was a woman
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Teju Cole wrote this short story. The main character is a woman but the author is not. Otherwise it sounds like the story you described.
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You might also be thinking of Hold Back the Stars by Katie Khan, although there it's every three years that people have to move on, not every three days.
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Your description reminded me of this talk by Monica Byrne: Our Age of Emergency: 2019-2100. She talks a bit about the premise behind the novel she's writing - everyone is perpetually travelling, staying nowhere and with no one for more than 9 days. It was posted to the blue here: "To steer safely, we need new narratives."
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