What's the latest on clogs?
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My standard shoe for a long time was the Dankso Professional Clog. I switched over mostly to the Sanita version, which actually fit a bit better (I switched after folks were saying that Dansko's quality changed when no longer made by Sanita). I've also had open back and Mary Jane styles. It's time for a new pair, and I'm wondering what's the latest on quality and various clog brands.

I tried Lotta from Stockholm clogs, but it's harder for me to walk in them and keep them on my feet (I have the backless version). I like the standard black footbed lining on the Dansko and Sanita Professional clogs but don't like the softer liner they sometimes use in open toe styles.

I was in a local store recently and they said that Sanita had changed as well. Is that true?

This Strategist piece talks about No 6, Rachel Comey, and Hasbeens, but they are all quite pricey, and are generally a much higher heel, which isn't what I'm after. Are they worth the extra cost?

Should I stick with Sanita or is there another brand to try? Or should I go back to Dansko? Any thoughts on Troentorp?
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I have a couple of pairs of No. 6 clogs as well as Lotta from Stockholm and while I don’t actually have a pair of the Danskos, I’ve been wanting one, because I think the comfort level with those is a whole other world, from what i can tell. An 8-12 hour day on my feet in the No. 6 clogs is pretty hard, and at this point I’ll wear sneakers instead if I can get away with it.
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The No. 6 are a bit narrower, too. I think they’re more fashionable in shape and I’m just a big fan of clogs in general so I love them, but it’s just a plain wood sole. Sorry for the double post.
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I hesitate to mention it because I think they are shutting down the company, but Clogmaster makes custom clogs, based on your fitting by the owner(s). I had the pleasure of being measured by the company founder many years ago and have purchased several pairs of clogs that feel like they were made for me because they were made for me. They use a factory in Minnesota (I believe) to do the manufacturing; I'm sure they must produce custom clogs for other customer-facing companies if the Clogmaster folks turn out to be a bust. My last pair, purchased early this year, cost $200 with shipping and I got them in a few weeks.
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My Danskos are a few years old and have served me well so far. Generally speaking I can't do wooden soled clogs for extended periods of walking, which is not a problem with the Danskos.

I did have a pair with a wood base that had a sythentic flex spot by Sven which were fairly comfortable. The other thing I liked about the Svens was that they have a thick enough rubber sole that I didn't clomp around as loudly as I did in the Lottas.
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I love Born shoes, which are generally well made. They have a bunch of clogs and mules that look like Dansko equivalents. My feet don't do well in Danskos, so I can't directly compare them for you.
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I had to throw this suggestion into the mix, from The Strategist last October:
Are These Italian Surgeon Clogs The Next Danskos?

Calzuros are an Italian-made, latex-free rubber copolymer clog with a profile like a No. 6 and (reportedly) the comfort and arch support of Dansko, and the ... wipability? of Crocs. They're made in reserved shades like navy and black as well as crimson, canary yellow, pine green, deep pink and over a dozen other hues.

They cost around $100, may be hosed down or sterilized, can be recycled and are popular among doctors, nurses, chefs, dog groomers, cheese makers and other people with messy jobs that require a lot of moving around.
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Alegrias are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had, hands down. I have a pair of their clogs I don’t like quite as much as the mary janes - they’re more like Danskos and Danskos always start to hurt my feet after about 4 hours - but they’re still my go to when I want a clog.
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Alegria is my new go to for a comfort shoe, and i really like the Pesca which is their version of a fisherman sandal. Very easy to walk and stand in for long periods of time.
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Thanks, all! This was very helpful! All of it! Especially the reminder that my Lottas are also noisy. It's been so long since I wore them that I had forgotten about that part of wooden clogs. Also, virago, I read that article ages ago and had totally forgotten about it since the pandemic even as I wondered what might make good house shoes. I'm going to order some Calzuros. I also ordered some new Sanitas from the UK. Cheers!
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