Best AI program/site to use for writing fiction?
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I have been using AIDungeon to experiment with writing short fiction, and I love how it works-- when it works. It seems like the developer of the program is more interested in forcing it to work like a game, where you are more limited in actions and have to be in conflict with the AI instead of collaboration. Is there another site or way to use GPT-3 for fiction? ,
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Ok my links don't work...

Open in the AI Dungeon app: Link
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If you can get beta access I think Sudowrite is exactly what you are looking for.
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Just an AI Dungeon tip, have you been using Story mode? If not, I highly recommend you do that instead of "Do," or "Say." It is far more likely to consider your input as something to respond to, rather than an action to take.

Also use World Info and/or remember a lot, or turn on the experimental support for automatic addition to those, if you have premium.

I don't see the developer as encouraging conflict with the AI at all, that just seems to be the default mode for some people to view it.
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[Edited the links, should work now I think.]
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GPT-2: Write With Transformer.
Also it isn't GPT or GPT-3, but Cyborg Writer might fit the bill with AI-based tab-autocomplete.

BTW the first person (as far as I know) to come up with this is Robin Sloan: Writing with the Machine. It's a thoughtful read.
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