It's 2007 and I want my pictures.
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How can I retrieve pictures from my old myspace account or are they lost forever?

So back in the day, I had a myspace account like everyone, and like an idiot I put pictures on there that didn't exist anywhere else. Now, 13 years later, I want to see those pictures. Are they gone forever?

I logged into my old myspace account and I clicked on "mixes" and it says I have 22 pictures in this particular album. However, when I click on the album, only 7 pictures are actually visible. If I scroll over the blank space where each of the other pictures are supposed to be, the hover test appears with my jokey little description of the picture, but the spot itself is blank. And when I click on one, it just does the as if loading, but nothing shows up.

The picture description is still there so it's not like it was deleted completely... but no matter what I click on or try, I cant see the actual picture. Help!
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Wasn't there a huge amount of information "accidentally" lost during a server migration last year?

Most of the articles talk about the purged music, but there is also mention of photos and videos.
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Have you tried seeing if they're archived on
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"As a result of a server migration project, any photos, videos, and audio files you uploaded more than three years ago may no longer be available on or from MySpace," (2019)
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Yes I have tried on No luck :(

I know they were probably lost in the great migration disaster.... I was just hoping since the file descriptions are still there, there might be some backwards way of still finding them. Surely if they were lost completely, all trace of them would be gone?
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I'm not actually terribly surprised that the descriptions would exist separately from the files. Instead of thinking of database storage as "Here's a box, it contains a photo and all things associated with that photo", think of it as a yearbook & associated warehouse. The yearbook has a list of entries for a photo, and the description would likely be in that entry. But then it also has an address for a certain aisle & shelf, where the photo existed.

The yearbook still exists, but the warehouse burned down. So there's an address, but having the address doesn't make the warehouse exist again.
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