Refunding a Refund: eBay edition
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I purchased a lego set on eBay in April. It did not arrive 30 days later and the seller was being super sketchy about the tracking number. I asked for and received a full refund. A month later a mysterious package from Singapore arrives and lo and behold, there is my item.

I reached out the seller to let them know that the package ultimately did arrive. Now I am trying to refund his refund - basically re-pay for the thing since it actually did arrive and was in good condition. Both transactions were done through PayPal. Ebay is of no help. Should I have him send me a new invoice for the amount? I don't want eBay to get stiffed on their fees either.
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Ebay is an enormous corporation. They'll survive. For the seller, why not just paypal them directly if you already have their paypal address?
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In the best and most altruistic possible world, EBay is owed no more than one good-faith attempt to give them their pound of flesh. If they're not interested, there's no onus on you to make them whole.

Have the seller send you a new invoice, if they want their money.
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Ebay is the perfect company to be the only party to lose out in this clusterfudge.
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Yeah you are off the hook with ebay, especially as you tried and they are not being helpful. It would probably cost them more to have someone work on this than they would make from the transaction.
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So part of the problem is that I don't have this guy's Paypal ID and it seems like the only way to get it is through eBay messaging which I know they monitor.
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Have the seller relist the item in a private buy-it-now listing. Buy it. Pay for it. Done.
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This may be part of a process of converting stolen credit cards into cash. Check it out here: How eBay scammers turned Nespresso lovers into money mules
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Let it go. If you go outside eBay for any part of the transaction, you are in violation of the eBay policies. You're fine, the seller's fine, eBay is not hurting for seller fees. You're a good person but there is a limit to how far you need to go. Let it go.
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