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Most of my IFTTT applets are sending RSS feeds to Pinboard - making a private bookmark for each rss entry. How would you do this without using IFTTT?

These are pretty infrequent feeds, but I would like the bookmark to show up within a day or so. I'd prefer to run this myself as opposed to relying on another cloud service.
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Using Zapier instead of IFTTT?

(Oops, only now seen you don’t want to use another service, sorry.)
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Are you looking for something you could build yourself, or something off-the-shelf?
Also, are you looking at doing this within an existing RSS reader?

Since you mention it being self-run vs. cloud-hosted, Pinboard's API is pretty straightforward, I'd combine that with an RSS library like Python's Feedparser (or another language if you have a preference, naturally).

You'd want to have some local persistence to go "Have I seen this entry before? No? Send it on", and beyond that have it run on a timer/cron job so it picks up once a day, and Bob's your uncle.

This'd be about a day or so's work for an experienced developer, or a bit more time but still within the realm of a hobbyist project if you've got a basic understanding of programming I'd say.
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