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Looking for ideas and online shops for boy(13) and Girl (16) more specifics inside

The holidays are going to be stressful for me so I want to get as much of what I can done now. I have a budget of around 100$ ish for each kid with some flexibility for the perfect gift. I'm the eccentric Aunt who gives the gifts wrapped in crazy homemade papers. I'm told they look forward to my gifts and I generally have a lot of fun finding things I think they will enjoy. This year I'm feeling like I have no clue what teens like and I'm running out of ideas!

The boy (13) is into sports, mountain biking with his dad, and the Sea Hawks (I've gifted merch. before and he has jerseys etc. ) I've thought about getting something signed but haven't looked into it much. I'm in Seattle he's in CA. I think he'd also enjoy something music related. He played the guitar for a bit but I don't think he does any more.

The girl (16) She used to be into Arts & crafts, Drawing etc. I'm an Artist so my past gifts have been around Art. I feel like she has all the basic supplies. She loves the idea of NYC and Acting. Of recent she has been into going to protests. Her instagram is filled with BLM and other info graphics supporting causes. Shes a smart kid.

What are teens into nowadays? I'm looking for online shops and gift ideas.
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Best answer: For the girl, what about some sort of BLM merch from a black-owned local business, with an explanation of where it came from, and/or a donation to a local civil rights org?
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Yes! For example, "Praise the Lorde". (Well Tucson probably doesn't happen to be local but it's still lovely and they also have a great BLM sign/sticker if she needs one of those.)
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A Camaro for the girl.
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Best answer: Li'l Epps wrote this:

The boy (13) is into ... mountain biking with his dad

Any gear he’s missing? You could check in with his dad to see if the kid needs a new biking jacket or nice new saddlebags or whatever.

and the Sea Hawks

I’m not sure if the Seahawks are doing the “fan cutouts in the seats at games” thing, but if they are, that could make a really cool gift for a sports-obsessed kid. You’ll probably need to purchase closer to the holidays, though.

She used to be into Arts & crafts, Drawing etc. I'm an Artist

If she likes your art — she asks you questions about it and isn’t just being polite, she expresses envy over it, she asks to see what you’ve been doing lately and is interested in the answer, etc. — she might really appreciate a gift of original artwork.

I feel like she has all the basic supplies.

Books about art. Actual artwork by her favorite artists. Fancier supplies. All of this requires you to be pretty in-touch with what kind of art she’s doing and what she already has, though, so it wouldn’t work unless you have a very close relationship and talk a lot about art. I’m getting the sense from the “used to be” bit that that isn’t true.

You could also get her some good digital art software (+ other things that you need to do digital art) and teach her how to use it, assuming she’s not doing so already.

Of recent she has been into going to protests. Her instagram is filled with BLM and other info graphics supporting causes. Shes a smart kid.

I like SeedStitch’s suggestion. To add to that, she might also like some books related to the protests. History book about the Civil Right Movement? Book of Audre Lorde’s poems? John Lewis’s memoirs?

Get adult books, mind, not kid’s books, and something pretty in-depth and intersectional if possible. Buy from a Black-owned bookstore.

What are teens into nowadays?

Tech stuff, mostly. New iPads or fabulous Bluetooth speakers or AirPods or whatever are the generic Awesome Gift for a lot of teens. Not everyone, though — some of us are Luddites.

When all else fails, interesting sweets, fun prank items (Archie McPhee, for instance), and, if there are pierced ears, nice earrings, are generally good gifts. You still have to factor in the kid’s taste (do they have food restrictions, or braces? do they hate taffy? are they too mature to like those hand-buzzer things? do they have actual taste in fashion?), but not as much so.
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Best answer: You can get a personalized recorded greeting via Cameo Looks like several of the SeaHawks are available.
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