Anne with an E, or even Valancy.
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I am trying to find where people discuss LM Montgomery's works - obviously the Anne Shirley books, but The Blue Castle/Pat of Silver Bush are also welcome. Surely there exists a virtual book clubby place where I can chat with folks about raspberry cordial, or wonder whatever happened to Roy Gardner, or speculate about Priscilla's life in Japan. No? A place to chat with people would be the best (especially now with real life interactions being at a sad, sad minimum), but failing that I would settle for good fanfiction to immerse myself into. Please help! Thank you.
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You could propose a re-read bookclub on FanFare?
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if all else fails you can memail me, I could talk about that stuff forever. I'd love an LMM penpal.
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If you do put something like this together here on Metafilter, I'd also be interested.
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The forums here are mostly about your Brontes and Austen, but I think some LM Montgomery squeeing would go down well there too, if it hasn't already.
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There was a mailing list, but I don't know if it is still active, the link is on the partners page at the LM Montgomery Institute.
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I agree with the FanFare idea and I would also probably participate in such.
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I assume communities like this are on Facebook, or maybe reddit?

I would join this, hence my username.
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ooh ooh my friend and I started a Facebook group for this!
There's a bigger one, but it's too big and too focused on the Anne With An E wars so we decided to start our own. It's called the A.V.I.S. (AnneVerse Interest Society) but all LM Montgomery discussion is welcome!

Please everyone come join us!
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I'd love to join as well! Heading over to the FB group right now....
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Response by poster: I've never ever made a post on any Metafilter subsite except Ask, so I'm a little nervous. But this is encouraging and I don't mind taking a stab at it. Do you guys have any specific ideas? Please memail! I'll do this over the weekend.
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Off the top of my head: what do you want to talk about first? Do you want to do each book separately or just talk about the series as a whole? Pick the first thing that comes to mind, write down whatever it is you have to say, hit post. Well, after setting it up with the Fanfare page, anyway.
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