excersizing in a pandemic
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Since COVID-19 lockdown started I have not been getting enough excersize. Please help me remedy this.

I used to swim 3x a week and do strength training on the weight machines at the gym 2x a week, sometimes 3x. Then my gym closed due to COVID-19. Since then the only excersize I have been getting is walking the dog, which is just not enough considering that I really need to lose weight as I have PCOS and my endocrinologist keeps gently reminding me that shedding my excess weight will really help with my symptoms.

I used to run but I busted my knee in a freak band performance accident (long story). After three years of PT and acupuncture I feel like I could start jogging again safely, with a knee brace. I'll likely do Couch to 5K, which is what got me running initially back in 2012.

But I have found that for me, cardio alone doesn't help me lose weight - I really need the strength training too.

At home I have two 15lb kettle bells, one 30lb kettlebell, and a set of dumbells that range from 5lbs to 20lbs. My overall weightlifting goals would be to tone my already muscular legs, tone my butt, strengthen my back (especially my lats) and shoulders, strengthen my biceps and triceps, and strengthen my core. I'm interested in HIIT and I used to do tabata workouts with a personal trainer years ago and would not mind going that route.

I have space in my guest room to work out. I'm not sure where to begin. I've tried YouTube workout videos but I really don't enjoy them; if I fall behind I get stressed out and want to give up. I'd like to do this at my own pace. There are tons of workout regimens on Pinterest, which I prefer, but the sheer volume is overwhelming.

Can anyone recommend me some basic strength training excersizes to achieve my goals with the above equipment, or refer me to articles/websites/Pinterest posts that can give me the same? I really don't want videos.

Please assume that my diet is healthy. My boyfriend and I have donea good job of mostly cooking well balanced meals at home as opposed to getting takeout or eating frozen meals constantly.

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Active.com has a bunch of workouts, including a bunch for kettlebell . There's usually a video showing the proper form for the individual exercises, but it's short and the article tells you what do in the workout.
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I've had good results with bodyweight training which hardly requires any equipment at all. On the linked site you find all the progressions as a giant poster. There are also illustrations and short videos showing correct form.

If you enjoy using the kettlebells you could substitute those bodyweight exercises that target the same muscle groups and make your own hybrid program.
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You’ve got some great equipment! Have you considered a bike instead of running for your knees? That would also help with using large muscle groups. And your kettlebells and dumbbells are great for upper body. I’ve hit the end of what I can program for myself and am considering getting a personal trainer to develop a program, virtually, for me and then I can meet with them virtually sometimes too.
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Fitness Blender has about the least annoying workout videos I can think of — plain background, usually just one person on camera or maybe two, no music — but they also do write ups of all the workouts (600+ with lots of strength training, HIIT and other styles in lots of combinations) so people can do their routines following the written directions too. Fitnessblender.com
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I started the free Lift Like a Girl Dumbbell Workout program from Nia Shanks a few months ago, and it was a great way to get back into lifting after a long break. Once I finished it, I sprung for her Dumbbell Strength Training Guide and, lemme tell you, it's kicking my ass in a good way.
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I had a great deal of success following this program before the pandemic and wish very much that I had your dumbbell set at home!
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Nthing Fitness Blender! You can watch their videos or follow along as your own pace with the workout as listed on their site.
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