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Looking for an iOS app that will allow me to track/record use of medications, as opposed to an app to remind me to take medications on a schedule.

I have a couple as-needed medications that I take from time to time. I would like to track their use in a dedicated/secure iOS app, rather then just a spreadsheet or other make-do solution. While I see a lot of medication REMINDER apps I don't seem to see any that allow you to easily track without having to jump though a lot of hoops.

I realize that most apps in this category will have medication reminders as an option, but I'm the hive mind can help me find one that does not require a lot of tweaks to bypass reminders and just enter single uses.
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I should add, apps that respect privacy and don't require some kind of online account would be preferred.
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Any habit tracker app would work for this. Habit Bull, Streaks and Way of Life are all pretty decent. Most of them will do reminders as well.
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I use Round Health. Most of my meds are as-needed.
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You might also want to look at Tally - The Anything Tracker, which is very easy to customise for your use.
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And to not edit my post - about Round Health. It really does exactly this. You add a medication to your as-needed list. You tap a button, enter the number of pills (default is one, so you just tap again) and it's done. It then shows you how long since you last took it. (Minutes, hours, days, then months.) Which is extremely helpful for meds you can take every [X] hours. Most task-trackers only count a task as complete and do NOT show you hours since you did that task.
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Medisafe does this. It lets you track manually and gives you reminders. I need both so I can log my mandatory meds and one-off, as-needed stuff.
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I use an app called Pill Logger that does this - I take prn meds that you really don't want to accidentally double up on and I'm terrible at keeping track - and it works fine and is very simple to use, free, and doesn't need any kind of account. You can use it to set reminders but you can easily just not use that feature.
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Looks like Tally is the closest for my needs/wants. I did like the UI for Round Health, but the terms of service and privacy policy URL for that app are a 404 error right now.
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