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Partner and I reside in Pennsylvania and want a divorce. That's it. Nothing weird. This should be easy, right?

Partner and I have been married for five years, separated for a year. Things are amicable-to-good between us. No shared assets, no kids, no drama. We just want to get a divorce as easily as possible.

I’m aware that I could throw money at a lawyer to get this handled (and am prepared to do so if things stop being fine with the ex) but it feels like this should be a straightforward process since everyone involved wants the same outcome and there’s nothing to divide up. I just need to know what forms to file and in what order.
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I have done this, but not in your state.

Pennsylvania appears to allow self-represented litigants to prepare and file divorce papers. They have a guide here: http://www.pacourts.us/learn/representing-yourself/divorce-proceedings

All of the forms are linked on that page and it appears very similar to the process in my state. It's pretty straightforward if you are in agreement and there are no kids.
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In PA the keywords you're looking for are "no fault divorce" and "irreconcilable differences" and "mutual consent."

The link above has the gist of it: You file initial papers, wait 90 days, then file additional papers. The hardest part is (as of 5 years ago, at least) you're given stamped official papers that you have to fill out with an actual typewriter. Not hard if you have access to a typewriter, but if you don't, a mild challenge to find one.

But it's really easy and painless, just follow the instructions.

I speak from experience, as I got divorced by this method in PA five years ago.
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