Any history on this vintage clothing brand?
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A package just arrived from my parents containing a vintage men's robe. I can't find any info about the manufacturer and I'm curious about it now.

My great uncle passed away many years ago, and he left behind a bunch of very nice fairly trad men's clothing. In the process of packing to move, my parents found a robe of his which the sent to me - unworn, tags still on it. My feeble attempts at learning more about this item and the company have not turned up anything, but maybe you know something?

-The item is a fairly traditional men's dressing robe, silk backed with cotton, in a paisley pattern.
-Per my parents, it was purchased by my uncle "in China" (probably Hong Kong). Not sure of the timeframe, but I would guess either the '70s or '80s.
-The tag says "Golden Bee" in English and Chinese characters. The original sales tag is still on it with the same name, a stylized bee logo, model number (unreadable), and size. Also says "Made in China." No price. No information on which store/tailor it may have been purchased from.

My brief searching only brings up rather cheap-looking kimonos in synthetics with obvious Chinese/"Eastern" styling on it. This robe has none of that. I have a little knowledge of traditional Western men's fashion, and I would guess that this was marketed towards Anglophiles living in HK or similar - the material is high quality with a Western look, and based on what I know about my uncle this probably would have been a reasonably high end purchase.
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We really need photos of the garment inside and out and the tags in order to answer this question, but until then, is it anything like this one?
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Response by poster: The tag is the same! Here is a photo of what I have.
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This tag looks really familiar. Years ago I bought a jacket at the Yue Hwa Chinese Products Store (3 huge locations on Nathan Rd!) which sold goods from the PRC when it was more difficult to enter China, before China became the manufacturing giant that it is today.
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