Covid-19 Federal Assistance
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This morning, CBS Moneywatch said 9-million people have not gotten the government assistance money set aside for them as a result of covid-19. They weren't talking about business help. CBS Moneywatch said potential recipients have an October 15th 2020 deadline but it also said those people had not filed a 2019 tax return. I have been unemployed and not filed a return for two years but did this year Am I eligible to receive that assistance, and if so, how?
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You might find what you're looking for here
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I know someone who just got their check a week ago after being lost in the shuffle. They are definitely actively looking to distribute to people who didn’t get it and are eligible. I don’t know details beyond that.
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We filed our taxes on time, in time for the original April deadline, and still haven't received a stimulus check. That IRS web site has never been able to tell me what's going on.
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We paper-filed in February and finally heard back from the IRS.
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Be sure to enter direct deposit information. From working on the census I'm not at all surprised that there were massive problems getting mail delivered, in not a few instances utterly amazed the mail system works at all ;-)
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If you filed a tax return this year, you filed for 2019, unless you are filing quarterly estimated taxes as a self-employed person.
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A friend has not gotten it, hasn't found out why, our Cong. Rep. is helping, that's a thing Congressional offices do. Call tours.
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