What makes a costume iconically "Jean Grey"?
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Looking for costume advice on how to make someone obviously, iconically "Jean Grey."

My wife and I have a history of cool, thematic Halloween costumes. Generally, we're not trying to "be" anybody so much as embody a cool concept (e.g. Wood Nymphs, Raven Queen and King, the Upperclass Dead, etc.) but this year, when Halloween will likely be spent at her parents' place in Oregon staying at home, we still want to do it up, and she was inspired by the X-Men movies she'd never seen before quarantine.

Basically, she really wants to do Jean Grey's hair-color, and my hair and sideburns can grow wild and raunchy enough for me to be Wolverine, so that's what we're going for.

But Wolverine, inaddition to the hair and sideburns, has claws, and a jean jacket. We need to know what we can realistically do for her costume to make it "say" Jean Grey, aside from just the awesome hair.

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I first came to comics in the 90s so besides the red hair I always picture Jean in that X-Men get-up with the headgear that goes up the side of her head and holds her hair away from her temples and the sides of her head. This thing you see here.
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From Marvel: Jean Grey’s 10 Most Memorable Costumes.

I like the green-and-yellow; either the 1960s dress and mask, or the phoenix costume, work best as a complement to the red hair, especially if you’re planning to go overboard with the shade of red.
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The giant sash, tied at the waist, with a ridiculous amount of fabric trailing/floating in the air (possibly stitch some sort of wire into it to keep it afloat?) has always screamed Jean Gray, as does the weird gold face frame/gold and blue armor from the earlier issues of X-Men (the relaunch where they end up fighting magneto on the moon and he ripped the adamantium out of wolverine’s skeleton ).
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Lazy: Hair, sash, and ... grey jeans.
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Only my opinion, but I think the Marvel Girl look (green dress with the yellow boots and gloves and mask) is the most iconic; it's also how she's dressing in comics currently, IIRC.
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I think red hair, green dress, yellow accessories, and people who know the X-Men will get it.
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I was contemplating this a while ago for a Jean Grey themed ballgown that I never got around to making. I focused on her green-and-gold 80s outfit because I think that's her most iconic look, but red and gold Dark Phoenix is also great.

What makes Jean Jean?

--Red hair
--Green and gold (or red and gold) colour scheme-- green on central body, gold gloves and boots/legs
--Phoenix emblem of some kind, probably on chest/torso

In Jean's 80s outfit, the gold boots/leggings come to a point where they meet the green on the upper thigh. You could mimic this effect with triangular gold gores in a green skirt, if you preferred a skirt.

It would be nice to have some suggestion of Phoenix fire-- possibly at the very ends of her hair using orange and yellow hair chalk, or disguise a fan or handbag as the Phoenix effect.
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