How do I get toothpaste out of suede?
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I dropped some toothpaste on my suede boots and I can't get it out. I tried cleaning it with vinegar and with Saphir Omni-Daim Suede Cleaner but there's still a light patch. The suede seems to have absorbed the toothpaste.

Here's a picture. Is there a way to get the toothpaste out or to darken the light patch?
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Try very lightly sanding it. Yep, with sandpaper. I have gotten so many questionable stains and weird marks out of suede using sandpaper. A very light grit. Google for various methods.
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If there is actually toothpaste sitting on the surface, I'd try a damp toothbrush to see if you can dissolve it and fluff up the nap of the suede. If it was whitening toothpaste, it may actually be a discoloration and not actual toothpaste. In that case, you might need to purchase suede dye and carefully apply it to the area. You can also take the shoes to a cobbler who should be able to restore it if you're not comfortable with a DIY. If these are expensive shoes, I would consider a professional for that step.
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