lovely iOS puzzle game rec please
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I just finished the Room series of iPhone games, and I loved them, the gorgeous steampunk design, the eerie backstory, and the nature of the puzzles. Previous favorites have included Gorogoa and Monument Valley. What other elegant, beautiful, contemplative, intricate puzzle games for iOS are out there? (Escape-room style or otherwise.)
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Myst has been on iOS for a while! Very old but still charming, and well-suited to the platform.
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"The House of da Vinci" is an iOS game recommended on the Scriptnotes podcast a few years ago. They said it's a shameless ripoff of The Room games, but a very well done shameless ripoff. It looks like there's also a sequel by now? I haven't played either one yet but I loved The Room games so I'm interested.
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I've been enjoying Roterra.
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Prune is a meditative puzzle game about cutting plants to have them grow in particular directions.
Gnog is a mechanical fiddly puzzle box type game, much more colorful and cartoony than The Room games.
Vignettes is another low-key, colorful puzzle game about perspective.
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Song of Bloom is a lovely and weird puzzler.
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second GNOG. I got stuck somewhere with the Da Vinci one which suggests if nothing else that its hint system (if it has one) is not as robust as the room series.
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Rusty Lake has a bunch of escape room games on iOS that are all kind of connected around some creepy paranormal phenomena. Definitely not the same vibe as Gorogoa but you did say “eerie” so it might appeal to you.
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I second the recommendation for Myst. RealMyst is also available for the iPad, if you want a 3D experience.

When you’re done, Riven is a spectacular sequel to Myst, which I like just as much.

If you love puzzles and a good story, it’s a must-play.
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The Birdcage is a *very* simplified version of the same type of game. It is easier and shorter than the Room games, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. Mobiplay (or Mobigrow) is the company that made it and I have enjoyed their other games quite a bit. Their "Can You Escape" line of games are pretty well done. I think I've played all of them, in fact, and there are quite a few.
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All the Amanita games: Machinarium, Samarost, and Botanicula.
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Check out the games by Fire Maple (grisly manor, lost world, thickety creek, etc). Fun, simple puzzle games on your phone. I periodically check to see if they’ve released a new one I like them so much.
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Tengami is a lovely and meditative puzzle.
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Simogo game studio has a couple great ones, Year Walk (looking for clues and solving puzzles in the wintry woods) and, a bit more involved, Device 6 (they sum it up best as "a surreal thriller in which the written word is your map"). The latter had me particularly enraptured.
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