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In the movie Nightwatch, in the scene where Anton comes out of the subway station following the kid, and gets hassled by the cops there's a bit of incidental music playing in the background, and my brain swears it recognizes it, but won't tell me what it is. I don't recognize anything off the soundtrack listing. Hope me?
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You know, even though this movie just hit US theatres, the Nightwatch DVD has been available for some time already. You might try getting your hands on that.

If not, I'll check with zia (the author of that linked Ask.mefi post) since I know she has a copy.
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I, um... obtained a copy of the movie, and have listened to that section a couple of times, but I can't get the song. I'll try to post an audio clip tonight.
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Have you tried asking here? There are even some Russians around over there, although I have a sneaking suspicion that some elements of the soundtrack were changed by Fox for the American release. (I cannot remember why I think this.)
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