Yet another podcast recommendation question
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I'm looking for short (max 30min), to-the-point, nonconversational podcasts about productivity, time management, parenting, family life, frugality, minimalism and/or health.

I prefer general tips and advice rather than the host(s) talking about their life. I don't want to learn fascinating new stuff about whatever, I just want to think about some pointers on how to make my everyday life better/easier/more productive/etc.

For example, I really liked podcasts from The Get-It-Done Guy and Kevin Kruse, even though I'm not following the authors otherwise. I'm occasionally listening to Edit Your Life, even though it's too chatty and personal for me, because it has some good ideas and suggestions.

Is there anything that I'd like out there?
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Best answer: Maybe NPR's Life Kit? You can subscribe to particular topics or all of them together.
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Best answer: Before Breakfast.
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You might like Choiceology with Katy Milkman. It may be too far in the "fascinating new stuff" direction, but many of the episodes cover tips/advice in a way that I personally really enjoy. There are guests, so there is a small amount of conversational context, but it's not one of those podcasts that is 100% chatting back-and-forth.
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Best answer: Happier with Gretchen Rubin.
The One You Feed.

Both have episodes of varying length, but plenty of episodes less than 30 min.
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